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Photo labeller

Camera + RFID sensor
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After listening to lots of tech-related news, I understand the future holds:

1) RFID chips will be everywhere

2) Billions of photos from digital cameras will be online with labels and tags associated with them.

This digital camera has an RFID sensor built in. The ID's detected at photo time are added to the EXIF data.

Using the power of google-like technology, the EXIF data and your photos, the software packaged with the camera can add 'fuzzy logic' lables to your images.

"Mary Smith at Starbucks, there are lots of packets of pringles in the foreground."

...or similar.

Could this be done?

not_only_but_also, Jul 25 2005

Exposure encoding in photographs Exposure_20encoding_20in_20photographs
Labelling could also be done in this way - so the name of your location is actually written into the photo. [hippo, Mar 29 2006]


       I fear that it not only can be done, it will be done.
neilp, Jul 25 2005

       A system like this could actually be very useful. For example, consider a race with lots of participants. A system could be automatically set up to snap a digital photo of every competitor as they crossed a point like the finish line. The photos then could be automatically sorted by participant.
sutheric, Mar 28 2006

       It would have to be a simple list of items that are near the camera, but it could still be useful.   

       Of course it is only going to work if you are within two meters of your target.   

       Actually I am going to change my vote to bone, sorry, the short range and non directional nature of RFID just make this impractical.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 29 2006


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