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Piano del Nappo

Ah..... finally a musical instrument that you can play while lying down
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As much as I liked playing the violin in high school, I just couldn't tolerate having to stand during an entire concert while I played it. Unfortunately, solo violinists are traditionally required to stand while they perform. Pianists, on the other hand, have the luxury of sitting down while they play.

But why even sit, when you can lie down! The piano del nappo (literally "nap piano") is a comfy mattress with acoustic sound holes around the sides, piano strings inside, and a keyboard which wraps around the front of the instrument. You lie on your belly (amidst nice cozy blankets & pillows) to play it, and simply let your hands droop over the front and sides of the mattress to reach the keys.

A performance of Beethoven's sonata in C minor, rearranged for piano del nappo comfortabilissimo, would surely be an inspiring sight. The stage would be set with nothing but a twin bed; the pianist would come on stage, take a bow, and then proceed to tuck himself in under the covers comfortably before beginning to play. The audience could even be given deluxe silk pillows to rest their heads on during the performance, so the soloist wouldn't get to have all the fun.

In the meantime, a piano del nappo would be a perfect touch to add an element of art and beauty to your bedroom, while saving the space in your living room that a regular piano normally takes up.

phundug, Aug 08 2005

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       Is a CD player a musical instrument?
daseva, Aug 08 2005

       I can't tell my oboe from my..
skinflaps, Aug 08 2005

       Brindisi! A tutta la compagnia!   

       To be followed by the piccolo del sonno, corno di stanco, viola del base...
csea, Aug 09 2005

       inspired! I guess the sound box would be off the floor else no one could hear it, microphone on floor too?   

       oh and pillows for the audience- big mistake
dentworth, Aug 09 2005

       Oooh look. A Narcoleptica 3000.   


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