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or Cowano
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In the same vein as Anime-girl PC case mods, an off the rack, weatherproof case to place over your field-based piano, to disguise your instrument as a cow. Thus daytripping city folks, standing leaning on the fence, your Pianow between you and them, will think you are milking a musical bovine.

Available in Grand, Baby Grand, Upright and, soon, Wurlitzer. In tune lowing capability extra.

calum, Feb 18 2005

Anime Girl PC Case Mod http://sae.cside.co...pc/ern005/ekana.htm
[calum, Feb 18 2005]

"Rooowlll aaaht the barrel" http://data2.collec...ca/ap/a/a002790.jpg
[calum, Feb 18 2005]

Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia...#Creating_ambiguity
source of information and inspiration. [calum, Feb 21 2005]


       do you have many pianos out in your fields, [calum]?   

       love to see that.   

       edit: thanks, nice pic
dentworth, Feb 18 2005

       I can just see the cowano tuner, with his shoulder length plastic glove...
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 18 2005

       he was a milkin' musical fool, but she loved him....
Sabriand, Feb 18 2005

       Well if it stops you bringing the piano hammers home to dry out on the comfiest chair in the house, this gets my vote.   

       Have you considered the musical carnage which might follow the amorous moves of Eustace, next-door's 30-stone bovine semen-monster?
salachair, Feb 18 2005

       [Sal] cover Eustace with a fake piano cover. might slow him down a bit.
dentworth, Feb 18 2005

       Once again, a Halfbakery idea that's madder than a box of frogs is accompanied by a link to a real-life example that's equally unhinged.   

       I'll have one in Freesian please [calum], with the lowing module and a piano stool that resembles a sheep.
wagster, Feb 18 2005

       Good advice, dentworth, good advice.
salachair, Feb 18 2005

       Cute, calum.
FarmerJohn, Feb 18 2005

       Even here in sunny california, a piano left outside will soon become a "PSO" (Piano Shaped Object), and when played will then sound very much like a sick cow.
sophocles, Feb 18 2005

       only place i ever saw livestock in someone's front yard, in town, was in california....maybe a few cowano's would help some private sun beaten urge...
Sabriand, Feb 18 2005

       Cows are cute, pianos are lovely. However, put together they are awsome. How do you come up with stuff like this?
Machiavelli, Feb 18 2005

       [Machi], for the inspiration, see link #3.   

       [wagster], your sheep piano stool is an excellent suggestion and leads me towards thinking of an entire orchestra of animal disguises including pig french horn and otter bassoon.
calum, Feb 21 2005

       Cows in a car driving by, yell "Mooooooooo, Mooooooooo", at a crowd of people in a field.
mensmaximus, Feb 21 2005

       Pig drums?
shapu, Feb 21 2005

       Ah, I should've known. Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places.
Machiavelli, Feb 21 2005

       First link:   

       "The access has concentrated on this page now. Please evade to the following pages. "
RayfordSteele, Apr 18 2017


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