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Pick Your On Hold Relaxation Sounds

"You will be put on an extensive 3 to 4 hour hold. Please select one of the following background sounds"
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For babbling brook, press 1.

For summer rainstorm, press 2.

For warm fireplace, press 3.

For purring kitten, press 4.

For obnoxious jazz, press 5. Just kidding, for beach at night, press 5.

doctorremulac3, Mar 14 2023

This company's system lets callers choose their own on-hold music genre https://www.amazing...-music-for-business
About 3/4 down the page - "Allowing customers to choose their own hold music is revolutionary" - and then goes on to explain why. [a1, Mar 14 2023]


       They don't want you relaxed. They want you frustrated enough to hang up.
Voice, Mar 14 2023

       The tech exists to do this (link) but I don't know if anyone has offered "relaxation sounds" as options.   

       In lieu of relaxation sounds or obnoxious jazz, some people might still opt for the Cisco eletronica loop. Hard to beat the classics.
a1, Mar 14 2023


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