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Pick 'N' Mix Mini Teabags

for when one flavour's not enough
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Tea bag manufacturers should make mini-sized tea bags, in different flavours. Imagine then, if you fancy a strong Lapsang Souchong, you'd use two bags, but more usefully, if you fancied a blend of orange pekoe and lavender, hey presto, just add a mini-bag of each.
neilp, Jun 23 2003

Make your own tea bags http://www.flutterbees.com/supplies.html
These are sachets for bath tea bags (!), but you can also get cloth sachets for making your own (drinking) tea bags. Just can't find any. [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

almost http://collectibles...arstones-24300.html
almost half-baked [neilp, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Good idea. Obviously not for me, as I like good old Lipton, or an occasional cup of English Breakfast. But for those who like the different flavors, it would probably be welcome.
TeaTotal, Jun 23 2003

       If you're that weird, why don't you just try buying the tea loose, and blending it in one of those metal tea bag thingies.
DrCurry, Jun 23 2003

       Loose tea is always the best option, [neilp].   

       And hello to [TeaTotal]! I was hoping I could meet up with you on the HB someday!
k_sra, Jun 23 2003

       [DrC] - weirdly, I don't drink tea, or coffee, but if I did, I'd obviously got for the loose option.   

       However, I thought this might be nice for the no-nonsense, modern, mixing, tea-drinker on the move, or for those that might like to try a new flavour without the expense of a whole bag of kiwi tea.
neilp, Jun 23 2003

       You can easily get boxes with a mixture of tea bags.
DrCurry, Jun 23 2003

       but mini tea-bags [DrC], surely ? ideal for child sized tea too.
neilp, Jun 23 2003

       I love tea so I think this idea is great! Don't you just hate it when you buy a box of fruit teas because you like 2 of the flavours, but then you are stuck with the other 2 that you don't really like?
Lula, Jun 23 2003

       If you're serving from a pot, the proper way to serve tea, it doesn't matter how big or small each tea bag is. And we should only teach our children proper manners, n'est-ce pas?
DrCurry, Jun 23 2003


       ok, if thats what you want but when it comes to tea, only PG tips will do.
po, Jun 23 2003

       obv. they'll do mini-pg too. rude to leave them out.
neilp, Jun 23 2003

       I've always thought it'd be nice to blend your own teas and coffees instead of relying on the producers. Half de-caff would be good.
git, Jun 24 2003

       <Pet Rant> Just to put all the tea philistines straight, fruit tea is an execrable brew which should not be distinguished with the name" tea". Proper tea is so named because it is made from the plant called TEA. Anything made from fruit or herbs is an infusion.<Pet Rant>   

       I kinda like this idea (unless you include the abomination indicated in the preceding rant), as I love tea and like to try out new blends and so on. The problem with keeping lots of different blends in one box though, is that the flavours will be compromised. I think I'll stick to just buying small amounts of quality loose tea to see if I like them.   

       As for mixing and matching, I leave that to the experts. There is a reason why they sell tea and I do not.
squeak, Jun 24 2003

       "Half de-caff would be good."...........Maxwell House makes such a thing - they call it Lite. And Hi to you too, k_sra.
TeaTotal, Jun 24 2003

       What [squeak] said.
Also 3 more words:
gnomethang, Jun 24 2003

       Excellent idea. I actually found this page because I googled "mini tea bag". I want one of these not for mixing but for making one cup of tea at a time. I have guests who all have different tastes and different schedules. This way they don't have to make a whole pot of tea that no one else is going to drink or have to re-heat later.
vector, Sep 11 2008


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