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Pick the Wedgie

A game of skill for the discerning sports fan.
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This is one we used to do at high-school basketball games. At each timeout or logical break in the action, a troupe of perky cheerleaders would take the floor and perform a short dance number. As appreciative fans, our goal was to pick the first girl who would, upon resuming her spot on the sidelines, sneak a finger down to extract that troublesome bit of panty from her backside. Thus the scenario:

1.) Whistle blows, cheerleaders take the floor. 2.) Cheerleaders skip off to polite applause, a few moments pass. 3.) A winner is crowned, with a raucous cheer from a small group in the stands - cheerleaders' heads turn to figure out what we're excited about.

Great fun, and relieves the tedium of a badly mismatched game. Expert spotters learn to catch the early signs (the girl that finishes the routine in a split is the easy favorite) and can place wagers for fun and profit!

DrFooMasterOfTheUniverse, Oct 04 2001

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       [PS] yeah, but neither was TPPCPPC, and we like that.

Those girls should have known what hairspray can do for errant panty lines.
lewisgirl, Oct 04 2001

       It's really very simple. Hairspray is used by backstage assistants at fashion shows, and by the bikini-clad cognoscenti of St Tropez (among whose number I like to include myself), since it lightly bonds the skin to the knicker fabric, preventing the wedgie. It is not a long term solution though, and you might find your cheerleaders disappearing off into the ladies' room to reapply hairspray at twenty-minute intervals... makes a change from disappearing off to snort charlie I suppose.
by the way, I have never been to St Tropez, but I still like to include myself in bikini cognoscenti, in fact among the knickerscenti in general.
lewisgirl, Oct 04 2001

       waug - do you need an excuse?

So, LG, how about post-it-note-glue underwear? Guaranteed anti-wedgie clothing.
quarterbaker, Oct 04 2001

       House points awarded to PeterSealy for observation, waugsqueke for his impressive brain-loins and UnaBubba for saving me from having to make the same comment about knickerscenti.

The UK TV programme 'Banzai', which has just finished its run, was a fake Japanese betting show full of stuff like this. Jolly entertaining it was too. So baked(ish)."Bet NOW!"
DrBob, Oct 04 2001


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