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psyche-out with slap

make faces at the opposition with your sun block.
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this last test match has been absolutely riveting (and this from one that has never watched a test match in her life).

I notice with interest that a lot of the players and particularly the sensible aussies are not vain enough to worry about their handsome faces and obscure their features with sunscreen.

it does seem curious though that they do not maximise their advantage and use their suncream to make their faces look more aggressive. there is much use made of physiotherapists etc but what they need is an artistic psychologist in the pavilion to create some scary facial features.

I think possibly Shane Warne (ozzie sin bowler) has taken the first step towards this advantage, in that he uses a blob of suncream on his nose to make him look like a very cuddly pussycat (or rabbit) to lull his opposition into a false sense of security.

po, Aug 15 2005

Now *that's* how to wear sunblock! http://home.no.net/...er/B/Braveheart.jpg
[DrCurry, Aug 15 2005]

who said cricket was boring? me. just call me stupid! http://slam.canoe.c.../15/1174329-ap.html
australia favourite to win 4th? do me a favour... [po, Aug 15 2005]


       The better kinds of suncream soak into the skin, don't they? I suppose you could make someone look very scary using those green mudpacks }:->. The team would have to be trained not to fear each other though.   

       Please capitalize your title.
dbmag9, Aug 15 2005

       sin bowler... I like it.
david_scothern, Aug 15 2005

       <imagines Ronald Macdonald bowling>
Ling, Aug 15 2005

       Capitulatize? ROFL.
The Kat, Aug 15 2005

       One girlfriend uses mud and her wet t-shirt to .... well, she calls it her "cheesy" shirt look. Works great when you're ploughed.
reensure, Aug 15 2005

       Or they could apply the sunblock to the oppositions faces with great force. +
sartep, Aug 15 2005

       are you batting or bowling? goodness, these guys are fierce.   

       Hi, Kat! watch where you're pissing, there's a good fella.
po, Aug 15 2005

       I always thought that this was done, [po]. Jones had it on today and the bloke with the most slap was Bucknor!!. In Manchester! (you can't be too careful!).
I can't bun this because pulling war paint faces at the opposition simply isn't cricket.
See you at the Oval?.
gnomethang, Aug 15 2005

       Bucknor? was he the scary referee? sorry, umpire.   

       <twiddles thumbs>   

       when is the next match?
po, Aug 16 2005

       Steve Bucknor was the umpire from Jamaica. The next Ashes test isn't until Thursday week (25th).
Jinbish, Aug 16 2005

       well, we did it!   

       for my money - Shane Warne was man of the series!   

       (but secretly, I adore the NZ umpire)
po, Sep 12 2005

       warneflintoff warneflintoff warneflintoff.
Dead heat.<Edit>I actually think that Warne deserves it because there is no other player in the Aussie side who has delivered. Mention must go to Brett Lee. Um, that's it.
gnomethang, Sep 12 2005


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