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Picture Puzzle Panacea

For that impossible 1000 piece puzzle
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Having watched (and assisted) my wife work for the last several nights on a devilishly difficult 1000 piece picture puzzle (featuring a lighthouse, with lots of saltwater spray, clouds, etc.,) I propose an improvement to allow surreptitious assistance for when one is reduced to tears by that piece that just won't work anywhere!

Simply label the reverse sides of the puzzle pieces numerically in order (rows, columns, -a -b, etc. suffixes for those peculiarly located,) and provide a pictoral guide on the inside of the box.

May be ignored by the exceptional individual, while providing lifeline assistance for mere mortals!

csea, Dec 31 2007

Puzzle Pleasure Explained http://www.infotoda...cher/sep01/mort.htm
Somewhat Zen. [csea, Dec 31 2007]


       [Ra] The pleasure of puzzle proficiency is a bit hard to explain. Here's a link that says it well. [link]   

       btw, She does it for pleasure, and finds a certain joy in meeting a challenge and success at accomplishment. Sort of like posting a great idea on the 'bakery.   

       It's not much like TV.
csea, Dec 31 2007

       Gets my +   

       Dastardly things.   

       Love 'em.   

       Hate 'em.   

       We had one that was a 5000 piece monstrosity. What incomplete sections we ever did got little numbers on the backs of each piece.   

       Sort out the colors by their rough position on the box top; if mating pieces are visually close together they're more likely to be discovered.
RayfordSteele, Jan 03 2008


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