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Rubik's Jigsaw

Solve the puzzle pieces before you solve the puzzle
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Inspired by [po]'s post, I pro[po]se a puzzle wherein the pieces must be solved before solving the puzzle.

Individual pieces might be simplified (2x2) or (3x3) and have plain colored sides, but on solving the Rubick's (semi) cube before placing them together to form a standard picture puzzle.

Certain issues such as the shapes of the Rubic's pieces may need to be solved, but may help to simplify the solution. Possibly, multiple puzzle pictures could be formed.

csea, Jul 14 2012

[po]'s post fractal_20jigsaws
Fractal Jigsaws [csea, Jul 14 2012]


       I like this. You could possibly arrange it so that there is no completely solved position for each of the cubes, ie. solving one face scrambles the others. When one jigsaw picture is solved, the next picture requires you to re-solve all the cubes.
mitxela, Jul 15 2012


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