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Pie Rule for Professional Team Drafts

Apply the pie rule to make drafts more fair
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The famous pie rule is that when two people are to share a pie, one person cuts the piece and the other gets to pick which piece to take. That is to guarantee a fair cut.

Suppose you have ten teams that are to select 100 players, i.e., 10 per team. Give each team a pick in each round to put a player from the pool into one of ten buckets. However, no team will know at this stage to which team any given bucket will go. Any bucket that has ten players may not be added to.

When all players have been selected, allow the teams to choose which of the ten buckets to take.

Some one may say that this is no good because all teams don't have the same needs, e.g., team 1 has a great goalie and not even one good center forward, team 2, on the other hand, really could use a better goalie. That's fine. It is just one more criteria in making sure that the buckets are evenly balanced.

Alternative 1: allow the teams to know a priori the order they get to pick the buckets

Alternative 2: make the order of picking buckets random

Alternative 2b: only announce which team has the next pick

Alternative 3: completely randomly assign the buckets to teams

Alternative 4: add a rule on trades. e.g., no trades allowed for a certain number of games.

Alternative 5: allow teams to make intermediate picks of buckets (e.g., after x number of rounds), and then be stuck with what comes next in that bucket.

Alternative 6: through a voting mechanism or caucusing, rank all the players. Then assign them in order (bucket of player i = i mod 10).

Alternative 7 (the true pie rule): if there are n teams that have not yet picked a bucket and i is the next team to pick, let teams i+1 through n distribute the remaining players over n buckets and let team i pick any of the n buckets. Repeat.

(Alternative 7 came to me as I was writing this. Now I like it best!)

Goesta Berling, Apr 26 2007

Wikipedia: Pie Rule http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pie_rule
Application of "divide and choose" (which the poster means by "Pie rule") to strategy games? [jutta, Apr 26 2007]

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       Never heard of a pie rule. Unless it is some sort of government based on fruit filled pastry. I think you are referring to cake cutting algorithms.   

       Edit: Interesting link Jutta, I had never heard divide and choose applied to pie, always cake. And I like pie, but not really cake.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 26 2007

       I only remember doing this with items weighing 1/8th of an ounce.
marklar, Apr 26 2007

       //put a player from the pool into one of ten buckets// - so you play the darts underwater, but you have to hide in a bucket until it's your turn - sounds like fun.
xenzag, Apr 26 2007

       One of the goals of the existing draft system seems to be to balance out team strength - giving slightly better players to slightly worse teams.   

       In order to allow for the pie rule with this side condition, you'd have to make the existing team part of what's being redistributed. I think that would confuse fans.
jutta, Apr 26 2007

       [jutta] I did think of the problem you mentioned. Over time, I think team strength should smooth out.
Goesta Berling, Apr 26 2007

       If the bucket choosing order were known in advance, it would make sense for all teams except the last chooser to load one bucket with the weakest players.
bungston, Apr 26 2007

       It has always amazed me that in the great US of A, spritual home to free enterprise, that sports are such a cartel/closed shop. The system seems frighteningly socialist to me. Why not bid for the best players and pay them what you think they're worth? Then you could stop agonizing over things like drafts.
Gordon Comstock, Apr 26 2007

       I think we should consider introducing a Heisenberg's Bucket to this proposal... retreats into shadows....
xenzag, Apr 26 2007

       "Alternative 6" yields buckets of varying desirableness.   

       For example, 20 players (of rank 20 down to 1) going into 10 buckets:
bucket 0 : 20,10
bucket 1 : 11,1
bucket 2: 12,2
bucket 3: 13,3
bucket 4: 14,4
bucket 5: 15,5
bucket 6: 16,6
bucket 7: 17,7
bucket 8: 18,8
bucket 9: 19,9

       If you're looking to make the buckets completely even, then an improvement is to reverse the order of every other column. Of course that isn't perfect unless the desirableness of the players is proportional to their rank. If you're assigning more than two players to each bucket, additionally staggering the columns would improve matters slightly.
Loris, Jul 17 2015


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