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Pig's Arse

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Mounted beneath the bar at approximately knee height is a series of pink latex rubber pigs arses complete with curly tails. When given a good swift kick a sensor in the posterior releases a loud lifelike sound of a pig squeeling in dismay.

Just as you tell the punchline of an hilarious joke or riddle, over a crowded pint or two, you or the those who are hearing the joke may kick the pig's arse for added comcal enjoyment.

You may also give it a boot when the bar person tells you they only have a certain type of beer on tap or the exact amount owing on your tab.

benfrost, Dec 18 2004


       oh I don't know, everything strikes me as funny today!
po, Dec 18 2004

       Aaaah [benfrost] this one may require an explanation for our septic and pommy friends.   

       "Pigs Arse!!", said in a loud voice, is a common Australian way of saying "No Way!" "It's not true!" etc.   

       eg "Honey, I'm going shopping with the girls this afternoon" - the correct response to this is "Pigs Arse you are - you haven't done the ironing yet."
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 18 2004

       what would life be like without barry mackenzie
benfrost, Dec 18 2004

       Ten years of Neighbours has given me the power to say "rack off, ya dag".
spiritualized, Dec 18 2004

       One of these under the bar code on every retail package. Under the ISBN on books.
swamilad, Dec 19 2004

       Now there's a side of Unabubba we don't see very often...   

       Bun for the link to neighbours. And because I'm in a bunning mood.
Germanicus, Sep 03 2005

       T'would also be handy having a pig's tail to yank while using the line "You Sure Got a Purty Mouth, NOW SQUEAL LIKE A PIG!"
wagster, Sep 03 2005

       why wagster, you are full of surprises.
benfrost, Sep 04 2005


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