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Pimple Popper Gift Vouchers

pop pimples paid for by gift vouchers
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Pimple popping is popular. There are hundreds of YouTube and Tik Tok videos showing all manner of pimples being pricked, burst, cut-open, squeezed and drained. There's even a TV programme devoted to the topic. This means that demand is high and an opportunity exists. I'm here to meet that demand with a new idea, part of which involves the creation of gift vouchers.

Pimple Popper Gift Vouchers work like any other gift voucher, except they apply specifically to having a pimple popped at any one of the new chain of pimple popping clinics, where they are accepted.

Here's how they work
From a comprehensive online app diagram, you select the area where the pimple(s) is/are located. Then you go to the identity chart to estimate the colour, width, and height above skin level of the pimple. This combination of features generates an estimated price for having the pimple popped by one of the highly trained technicians at a time and place of your convenience. Any complications that may arise are added to your bill later, just as they are when for example hiring a car.

A nicely designed voucher is designed and delivered to the person receiving the gift of the pimple popping session. This is the actual Pimple Popper Gift Voucher.

Delux service features souvenir high def video of pimple being popped, and sealed pimple content in a presentation container for subsequent home display.

xenzag, Jul 22 2021



       Pimple Popping Parlor has better alliteration. Pimple Popping Parkour would be more energetic. Could veterinarians open a Pimple Popping Practice Pfor Pets?   

       Just don't call it a dermatology office, as that would be boring.
a1, Jul 22 2021

       This is revolting. [+/-]
Voice, Jul 22 2021

       As a teenager I went to the dentist with a large pimple, ripe and juicy. During the checkup, he eyed that pimple with actual desire and offered several times to pop it for me. I do believe that I could have charged him to do it.
4and20, Jul 23 2021

       Dental Treatment Gift Vouchers would be a good complimentary idea.
xenzag, Jul 23 2021

       Is this another one of those services provided by Acne... I mean Acme?   

       Haha - very good.
xenzag, Jul 23 2021


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