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Pinball skating rink

What is says on the tin
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The design of this large skating rink would be based on a pinball table. It would include devices to push skaters up or down the slanting ground. Individual skaters could carry score trackers and get more points for proper timing and movement across and against various surfaces.

Lights would go on when skated over, bells would ring when an obstacle were hit, bumpers would extend and contract and all manner of other pinball goings-on would be featured.

Watch out for the paddles!

Voice, Jan 14 2019


       Ok, this could actually be fun. I'm on skates and as I travel I get energetically deflected by soft pleasant velocity-adding bumpers so the gliding is without effort on my part. The view is changing and entertaining and the deflector software makes it so I gently zoom near my skating partner/date at beneficially frequent intervals. Holding hands in a partner twirl could be part of it.   

       Might also work with ball-based roller skates.   

       Comfy yet technological: I read about an autistic engineer who planned and built a hugging machine that gently compressed her, giving her a hug to her satisfaction anytime she wanted one. The velocity adding deflectors might be pleasant like her hug machine.
beanangel, Jan 14 2019

       Can we work the big springy piston that launches skaters up to the top of the rink at near-lethal* accelerations ?   

       *We have no objection if the acceleration does turn out to be actually lethal.
8th of 7, Jan 14 2019

       Sorry [8th], changes to the original draft must be paid for in the form of pastries, bread, or filthy lucre.
Voice, Jan 14 2019

       You're skating on a bearing of, say, 10°. You encounter a big, soft cushion which imparts some velocity on a bearing of, say, 170°, but which has no means of turning your skates. Your skates remain in the same line but reverse their direction, and set off on a bearing of 190°. But your centre of mass is heading 170°.   

       Meanwhile, mind the fast-moving novelty zamboni.
pertinax, Jan 14 2019

       I think you just exchange the skates for some shoes with omnidirectional roller-balls, and become a passive projectile in whatever direction. Bumper- cars without the cars, sounds a bit painful.
RayfordSteele, Jan 14 2019


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