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Pineal gland squirt

Grafting an extra pineal gland into rats makes them live 24% longer, tissue culture this, then inject a squirt of it into well vascularized nonCNS tissue
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Grafting an extra pineal gland makes rats live 24% longer, this might in part be from the pineal peptide epithalon which alone makes rodents live, also, 24% longer, as well as melatonin which makes rats live 12% longer.

That those are non-CNS injections and that the pineal gland in humans is about the size of a grain of rice suggests that a squirt of pineal gland tissue culture goo, or even a mini-brain 3mm organoid implanted or injected into some well vascularized area (perhaps the ear or up the nose) could make people live longer as well as reduce the incidence of cancer.

The minute they find out someone has a behavior (or genetics) that is associated with cancer they could give them a risk reducing, longevizing injection.

This is not much use to [Maxwell Buchanan] right now but might have prevented cancer. If epithalon is of interest it is $100/1 Gram (1000 doses) at alibaba.com

beanangel, Feb 09 2020

Pineal grafting up to 35% longer lifespan https://srconstanti...-deserve-a-new-look
[beanangel, Feb 09 2020]


       As a society are not very good at respecting sleep and seasonal patterns so maybe it is not about extra strengthening the pineal.
wjt, Feb 09 2020

       //This is not much use to [Maxwell Buchanan] right now// That's OK - I'm quite happy if everyone ignores my predicament for now. But if a peptide alone gives the same benefit as a whole pineal, why not just go for the peptide?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 09 2020


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