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Pinecone Solar-Cell Assembly

open when it's sunny, closed when it's dark.
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The current method of fitting solar cells to a roof is to bolt/screw them on top of existing shingles.

That's bassackwards.

The cells should be set first, with rows of flaps/shingling on top.

The flaps are rotated to an horizontal position at dawn, creeping up to maximum angle at noon, then back down again, firmly sealed after sunset and during non-optimal conditions (heavy snowfall, hail, hurricanes, etc.

The system protects from inclement weather, extending service life. In some locales, it may be feasible to use cells without an integrated protective glass layer, for further cost savings.

Doesn't look like crap.

FlyingToaster, Oct 23 2017

Firmly sealed https://www.youtube...watch?v=z7KsXwO6Ymw
[normzone, Oct 23 2017]


       And would the flaps be solar powered ?
normzone, Oct 23 2017

       Good one [norm], at least for unclouded deserts.
FlyingToaster, Oct 23 2017

       So, the energy developed by the device would be consumed by powering the device.   

       Have we finally created a successful perpetual motion machine ?
normzone, Oct 23 2017

       I suspect the rub is in the phrase 'firmly sealed.'
RayfordSteele, Oct 23 2017

       // Have we finally created a successful perpetual motion machine ? //   

       No, because it requires an input of energy (as photons) to operate, and presumably rejects "waste" energy as heat.   

       A true PM system requires no ongoing energy input (once set in motion), and must be "lossless" i.e. does not dissipate any energy from the system.
8th of 7, Oct 23 2017

       //the phrase 'firmly sealed'//   

       For the post I simply meant "water/wind resistant". No particular method of operating the flap is envisioned.   

       Other than that I've no clue what the two of you are on about.   

       Something as simple as a bi-metallic strip could open and close a flap; the "firmness" of a seal in that case would be proportional to the temperature difference at night vs sunrise/set.   

       Postulating an environment with nothing blocking the sun, you could even get the angle to accomodate winter and summer.
FlyingToaster, Oct 23 2017

       Yes, but would [FlyingToaster] want to live there ?
normzone, Oct 23 2017

       Roofing is one of my least favorite pasttimes, and sealing seems to be a challenge that roofing contractors haven't always mastered, even given lots of asphalt and roofing compound.
RayfordSteele, Oct 23 2017

       There's probably little point in relating the tale of Eleanor Widmer at the Seal concert, when he said " You have come to SPY on Seal " and had the poor little old lady thrown out.   

       All traces of the tale have been scrubbed from the 'net anyway.
normzone, Oct 23 2017

       In this case the shingling provides protection against the elements, as well as adding a bit of aesthetics.   

       Wouldn't it be better to have both electricty and heating ? solar cells, cooled by a heat exchanger.
FlyingToaster, Oct 23 2017


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