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Pipe Tape

Like scotch tape but a sticky on one side tube capable of conducting fluids.
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A sticky on one side tube capable of conducting fluid. Sold in a roll like duct or scotch tape. For temporary plumbing jobs like making the condensate from an air conditioner go where you want it to.

1 12 16 Revised name to pipe tape as tube tape is a common name of the tape used hold breathing and other hospital tubing in the patients mouth or nose. Best to avoid confusion

Pipe tape, or Drain tape, or stick on pipe.

popbottle, Jan 01 2016

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       I get it.
Pretty cool. Picture a strip of tape that is actually a flattened tube cut to length, so you can still adhere one side of it where water collects and channel it wherever you want it to go... as long as it's downhill from there of course, unless you buy the microfluidic wicking combo kit.

       I assume sticky on the outside of the flattened tube maybe a backer in between tubes. Curving around stuff would be a pain if only half or quarter of the outside was sticky.   

       if it was sticky on the inside, it would be one of [max's] fluid experiments.
wjt, Jan 01 2016

       And if the fluid needs to go up, there could be inexpensive peristaltic pumps sized to fit the tube.
lurch, Jan 04 2016

       Lay-flat hoses are notoriously prone to kinking, sticky on one side or not. I'd suggest something like bendy straws with one flat surface lathered in adhesive. Pretty cool idea though just the same [+]
AusCan531, Jan 04 2016

       Fluids do impose inertial pressure upon their carriers as they flow through them. This tape will have to be pretty tacky stuff.
RayfordSteele, Jan 04 2016


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