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Metal Mesh Duct Tape

Even stronger than regular Duct Tape
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Start with a thin layer of PVC or other appropriate plastic; put a layer of glue on it's bottom.

Next, make a layer of aluminum mesh, similar to what's used for window screens to keep insects out. Add a layer of glue on it's bottom.

Put these two layers togeter, plastic on top and metal underneath.

Roll it up, and call it supertape (or whatever).

goldbb, May 26 2009

Not strong, but metal http://www.majr.com..._Wire_Mesh_Tape.pdf
Wire mesh tape, used for diverse purposes around EM sensitive equipment [loonquawl, May 28 2009]

Strong, but no metal http://www.germes-o...lass_mesh_tape.html
[loonquawl, May 28 2009]


       Metal reinforced tape is widely known to exist. Metal reinforced Duct Tape is not. Good idea I want it.
zeno, May 27 2009

       For electrical shielding, this Duct Tape variant is heavily used.
loonquawl, May 27 2009

       //For electrical shielding, this Duct Tape variant is heavily used.\\ Prove it, link to it.
zeno, May 28 2009

       [Link]ed two mesh tapes, found with the search term : wire mesh tape   

       Both are not what i meant, though: the first is translucent, and the second non-metallic. We had an MRI installed, and the shielding was worked with sheets of copper. The remaining cracks were closed with Duct-tape that had copper mesh in it. same thing i had seen in an EMR test facility
loonquawl, May 28 2009

       loonquawl, the first wire mesh tape doesn't have adhesive, not only does the second have no metal -- neither of them has a plastic backing.
goldbb, May 28 2009

       Links are not convincing but I believe you [loonquawl]
zeno, May 31 2009

       For something that has to be as flexible as duct tape, I think you'll find that fibre reinforcing will give you a stronger and more durable product. I can tell you now your aluminium fibres will rapidly strain harden and break, if they're tempered to any degree of strength. Go with a kevlar or some other "superfibre" mesh and you'll have great success.   

       However your metal tape might sell to the tinfoil-hat crowd as a kind of portable, instantly apply-able faraday cage. One that hurts a lot to take off...
Custardguts, May 31 2009


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