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Piratical Paintball

for a whole new element to paintball scenario games
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tired of limiting your paintball excursions to just land based games? try paintballing on boats.

each boat will have a cannon, based on boat class. dinghies will be allowed only hand weapons, while galleons will be allowed multiple, large scale boat sinking, paint cloud creators. each large ship will be a team, for larger games their can be fleets and armadas. when two larger ships come into contact, captains will be able to either fire broadsides, or board their opponents vessel.

while swinging across with a paint cutlass in your teeth would be pretty awesome, it should be realized that i am not responsible for real eyepatches as a result.

because ships are fairly large targets to fire at, rules governing the destruction of ships will need to be called into effect. if a ship vs. ship battle with cannon occurs, a ship cannon hits amounting to the sum total of its guns will be sufficient to neutralize it. for boarding parties, the captain of the boarded ship can be captured in order to defeat his crew and bring their ship under the control of the boarders. if all of the boarders are neutralized the defending ship may choose to board its attacker and gain control of that ship.

any casualties remain casualties until the cessation of hostilities between every ship on the battlefield. as long as their are enough crew members to pilot the ship remaining, the ship may attack, but it may only defend after its crew has been depleted below a certain mark.

a ship may be permanently disabled if a grenade or cannonade reach into the powder room which is storage for extra paint and co2.

the scenarios will need to take place on large bodies of water such as lakes and bays. because the paint is already non- toxic and biodegradeable it shouldn't be a problem ecologically. if it is, special bodies of water can be created that are isolated from the local ecology.

tcarson, May 27 2006

C130_20Custardship [david_scothern, May 27 2006]


       Paintballing on water means you are a long way from any significant cover, and I hear a Hercules inbound. I would recommend a paintball submarine, but believe me, there'll be so much custard in the water that even the sub wouldn't be able to move (if it sounds like I'm completely loco, see link).
david_scothern, May 27 2006

       well, i was proposing a scenario without planes and subs and the boats themselves would act as cover. this is a fairly large body of water here.
tcarson, May 27 2006


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