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Pit Row Fuel Center

When it's either "Late for work", or "Pushing into the parking lot"
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Pit Row Fuel Centers- For those times when filling up isn't an option.

Pit Row Fuel Centers hire trained NASCAR pit jockeys to fuel your vehicle, check and adjust tire pressure, wash the windows, check the oil, fill the wiper tank and fetch a diet pepsi, all in under 30 seconds.

Mr Burns, Jul 16 2002

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       I didn't know that light ever went out..
Mr Burns, Jul 16 2002

       get formula one pit mechanics, they tend to be quicker.
kaz, Jul 16 2002

       And, I think they usually have all their teeth.. (sorry, NASCAR fans..)
Mr Burns, Jul 16 2002

       F1 may be quicker but NASCAR is more fun to watch.   

       F1: 4 tire changers, pneumatic lift, 1 lug per tire, 1 guy fuels from pressurized tank, circa 12 seconds. [Correct me if I'm off here]   

       NASCAR: 2 tire changers, 1 man operated jack, 5 lugs per tire, 1 guy to fuel from multiple gravity tanks, plus 1 extra guy who helps the fuel handler, "4 tire" stop averages 14 seconds.
flurgl, Jul 17 2002

       [flurgl]: You're off. Two guys using (usually) manual lifts, though some teams use pneumatic. Three guys on each wheel (wrench, wheel-off and wheel-on), two guys on the fuel hose (it's too heavy for one guy), plus three or four other guys. Time will depend on how much fuel they're taking, but expect around 9 or 10 seconds for a one-stop strategy race.
angel, Jul 17 2002

       .....plus one extra guy to swipe your Amex card through the reader .....
8th of 7, Jul 17 2002

       And the "24 hour rally" team? They'll refuel the car and also change the tyres, brake discs, clutch and gearbox.
hippo, Jul 17 2002

       I was envisioning using the Mobil Speedpass type wave-and-go payment system, to eliminate any waiting time while the receipt is signed...
Mr Burns, Jul 17 2002

       The fuel would likely cost about $50 a gallon.
waugsqueke, Jul 17 2002

       Just do what they did in olden days, and have a stable every 100 miles with fresh horses. Simply jump out of the empty car and into the new freshly-filled car.
pottedstu, Jul 18 2002

       could this car transfer be done rolling?
I envisage the stables being at the top of a hill, as you approach the stable hands push your fresh car down the hill. You speed up and come along level with the passenger side of the freewheeling vehicle, open your door, and make a death defying leap into the waiting seat before clambering into the drivers side, turning the ignition key and speeding off, leaving your old car to roll to a gentle stop at the bottom of the hill. Either that or it will careen off the road and end up as a blazing wreck after exploding in a fiery inferno
kaz, Jul 18 2002

       "Italian Job" - style rolling garage truck/ car transporter; drive up the ramp, stop car, leap out - top ramp lowered - back new car off - continue as before. Standard facility for refuelling 007's Aston Martin, etc - didn't you know ?   

       By the way, the "lorry" stunt in The Italian Job would have been much easier if the Mini was rear wheel drive ....
8th of 7, Jul 18 2002

       I just thought of this myself. Have a bun.
imaginality, Jan 02 2007


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