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The heated, compressed fuel vapor system

A Very lean burning efficient engine
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Okay, so throw away the usual idea of dripping, sucking or squirting petrol into an engine, forget 'twin swirl combustion chambers', forget 'direct injection'. What we will have is an engine run purely on the explosive vapor generated from gasoline. The petrol tank has a device to physically compress the fuel and air inside, the petrol is also warmed/heated to increase evaporation. - valves controlled by the throttle demand allow the potent end result to be jetted into the combustion chambers - this would yield a far more efficient burn, reduce wastage and generate proportionally higher power. The chances are that the burn would also be less environmentally damaging too. Slight downside would be the potential bomb you drive around with - but we've all driven round with 40 ltrs of gas under our kids seats for decades, so I'm confident it could be made safe - whatd'ya think?
p1stonbroke, Jan 01 2004

Boiled Gasoline Engine http://www.halfbake...20Gasoline_20Engine
[phoenix, Oct 17 2004]


       I think Ford Pinto.
Klaatu, Jan 01 2004

       The Pinto fuel tank problems - Pure Engineering laziness - If it's designed right it needn't be a huge bomb hurtling about our roads (hee hee hee)
p1stonbroke, Jan 01 2004

       //I think Ford Pinto// do you know? I can just hear you say that!
po, Jan 01 2004

       well hot-damn, I suppose that is kinda similar, but the issue with that is that you require the stuff in gas form, which demands an infrastructure to deliver the gas (one of the main reasons why LPG cars have yet to really take off)- in the case of the above suggestion, if the car has the modded tank and delivery system, you can just fill up with regular fuel at your local Amoco
p1stonbroke, Jan 01 2004

       We've already done vapor injection. Why in the world would you want air mixed with your fuel in the tank?
phoenix, Jan 01 2004

       Many Thanks for the link Phoenix, in answer to your question, it'd be hard to get vapor without something for it to vaporise into
p1stonbroke, Jan 01 2004

       Okay, but why not vaporize it on entry to the cylinder? Oh, wait...
phoenix, Jan 01 2004

       Wouldn't there be a problem of overly fast burning, and possibly premature ignition?
Didn't we decide that what you want in a cylinder is a slow burn over much of the stroke, rather than a 'perfect' brief explosive burn?
benjamin, Jan 01 2004

       Now I am really confused, are you saying humanbean that cooling air converts some nitrogen to oxygen?
KiwiJohn, Jan 03 2004

       I just think its funny he said petrol instead of gas. heehee you british with your different words! Im surprised you said local Amico instead of local BP...unless thats just a midwestern american thing...
Space-Pope, Jan 03 2004

       [Space-Pope] - you really shouldn't start an English language war when you're on the wrong side.
benjamin, Jan 04 2004

       Yes! Dance you Brits! Amuse us with your extra "ou"s, your backwards "er"s and funny way of saying "aluminum"!
phoenix, Jan 04 2004

       //petrol tank//, //vapor// --> mixed nationality?
suctionpad, Jan 05 2004

       Oxygen does deviate very slightly more from ideal gas behaviour than for example Nitrogen, but not so much that you would notice in an engine. The reason that you want cold air is just a question of the mass of Oxygen in a given volume. The volume is the fixed thing in an internal combustion engine, - the cylinder fixes the size of the charge for each firing. Of course compressed warm air would be just as good as cold air at atmospheric pressure (PV=nRT) - but compressed cold air is even better, hence intercoolers to cool the air after the adiabatic heating caused by the compressor.
ATP, Jan 05 2004

       hey there great idea mate shame this idea has been baked soo many times its charcoal ash! and guys u speak english and its named after our country ENGLAND! lol so who is speaking the wrongd version!? us english are the most inventive people ever but we let the Germans build what we design! we need to become GREAT Britain again! Thanks Nick
randylandy666, Jul 25 2007

       Uh... What?
acurafan07, Jul 25 2007

       [randylandy666] sp. you, wrong. Capitolize the first word of your sentences, and also try not making an ass of yourself amoung 'us' bakers. Okay, the english language is from England, but so are it's rules.   


       As to the idea, I think this could be done under the hood in a smaller, safer container.
evilpenguin, Jul 25 2007


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