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Or should I call this Dozzas?
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Seems to me like a lot of resources are wasted by having some restaurants open for lunch and dinner and others that are only open for breakfast. Enter Pizzonuts. The idea is to use pizza shops to sell food items in the morning. Donuts may work, but they'd have to be modified for baking in an oven. I'm thinking a raised sweet dough baked in an oven, then glazed. You can sell them by the slice, or by the entire pizzonut. You could fill them with custard. You could also sell pizzagels and pizzuffins baked the same way.
Worldgineer, Oct 16 2003

Baked Donuts http://www.cooks.co...nut+recipes,FF.html
Some people must like them. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Pizzabon http://www.ajc.com/...d-buns-1498817.html
[Worldgineer, Aug 15 2012]

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       Mmmm ... hungry for pizza ... I was craving pizza this morning, but its getting serious now.
Letsbuildafort, Oct 16 2003

       reminds me of fraggle rock.
neilp, Oct 16 2003

       Dunkin' Dozzas...   

       Just think of the potential! +
Tiger Lily, Oct 16 2003

       [DC] This is an idea for a new food concept. The ability for a pizza shop to do business for longer hours is only the problem this food concept aims to satisfy. My idea consists of large, round donuts (well, I guess they are usually round) in the shape of pizzas that will fit in standard pizza ovens. I have never heard of this being done, and feel it is novel and useful.   

       Oh, and the name came well after the concept (see link). [Thumbwax] is even still helping me with the naming part.
Worldgineer, Oct 16 2003

       Heheheh, Bagel Bites.
boneheadmx, Oct 16 2003

       Give me a large Boston creme, with pepperoni.
phundug, Oct 16 2003

       A "slice" of donut sounds good to me. I'm just wondering how similar a baked pastry would be to the usual fried donut pastry. Do you even intend for there to be that similarity or do you want just a completely unique breakfast creation? Regardless, it sounds yummy and you should definitely top it with some sprinkles.
tchaikovsky, Oct 17 2003

       I think if you throw enough oil on/in it you should be able to come close to something like a giant donut. Anyone have the time/interest to experiment for me?
Worldgineer, Oct 17 2003

       In Canada, Robin's Donuts sells a pizza like donut, that I remember quite liking. It was more a big blob of donut dough than a traditional toroid thingy, that had pizza sauce and melted mozza on it. They were very good. I used to have one for lunch on occasion.   

       At county and state fairs it's common to see large circular plate-filling blobs of fried dough served up with sauce and cheese on 'em.   

       Anyway I tend to agree with C-ly, despite my own Pizza Shoe™ idea. I defend and differentiate that one on the basis that it's a whole marketing idea and restaurant franchise concept, not just a food thing.
waugsqueke, Oct 17 2003

       Pizza-like donuts sound disgusting. Donut-like pizzas however, that's where the money's at.
Worldgineer, Oct 17 2003

       I'm surprised I took so long to find this (being donut centric guy that I am...)
I've been thinking for a long time about how to make restaurants work for more than two meals. Seems a waste and I'm glad to see the likes of you working on it. As for this particular item I think it misses. Donuts really need to be fried. But there are plenty of baked goods you could make in a pizza oven. I think the biggest problem is getting customers to think of the pizza place as an acceptable breakfast joint or vice-versa.
I'd guess the least efficient time for a pizza place is the last hour before closing. Oven on, fully staffed and the customers thining out. This would be a fine time to get the sweets started and on the pans waiting for the ovens to be clear. I think this means the bakers stay for a few more hours and crank out the bakery goods. Put them on the cooling racks and head for home. I don't think you can "recycle" the delivery folk since they are not set up for the size of orders a bakery delivery person fills... but all in all this might allow for a good overlap between the afternoon and evening shifts to "over cover" your dinner and get more out of the rent and the oven running costs.
DadManWalking, Jan 28 2004

       Is a Pizzanaut a new, properly respectful word for a pizza delivery guy?
theircompetitor, Jan 28 2004

       [DMW] Perhaps pizzagels and pizzuffins would be more marketable to take into account those that feel a proper donut should be fried. Still, I think the oddity of this restaurant concept would be a selling point. You'd go in and at least try one, wouldn't you?
Worldgineer, Jan 28 2004

       See link. Ok, those don't look the most appetizing. But they agree with me on the basic point.   

       "Another part of the strategy is to better utilize space and staff. Because the chain's food is often regarded as a treat, there are lulls in business during the day when customers go to other restaurants for lunch or dinner."   

       Having an empty pizza shop next to a donut shop in the morning, and an empty donut shop next to a pizza shop in the afternoon is a waste of space and resources.
Worldgineer, Aug 15 2012

       Not quite the idea, but shared space restaraunts are reasonably common. Dunkin Donuts also owns Baskin Robins (ice cream) and frequently co-locates the stores, which do serve different schedules.
MechE, Aug 15 2012


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