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Planetary Habitation Vehicle

Just like "Cell Phone," but "Cell Home," that integrates features for planetary habitation and transportation.
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The concept is that of a car that works as a complete full-cycle planetary habitation instrument (see video in first link). I hadn't seen this concept yet in movies about any civilizations that would live completely comfortably on planets without any homes whatsoever. Nature has baked something close to this, such as probably snails and turtles, which have non-detachable shells, that have grown them the evolutionary way, like a kind of skin. But they are part of them, not an external instrument as described here.

The video below explains the concept visually, and provides reasons for the invention. It's described as a particular modular structure with steps for a business plan, which is not the main point, but the possible steps are there, for your amusement.

A follow-up may be "Planetary Habitation Skin", -- a skin that takes care of all comforts, no matter what climate zone you're in :) But that's less defined than what's described here:

Mindey, Nov 17 2019

My Wiki -- Cell Home https://wiki.mindey...d/vids/cellhome.mp4
Describes the reasons and the rationale. [Mindey, Nov 17 2019, last modified Nov 20 2019]

Medium -- A Future Without Buildings, Schools and Jobs https://medium.com/...s-d81b9b6b6b9b#626a
(Describes the idea in text, in context of commercialization as hotels, though, doesn't necessarily have to be implemented that way.) [Mindey, Nov 17 2019]

Mortal Engines https://www.imdb.co...v_sr_8?ref_=nv_sr_8
Like this? (This is the movie; there are also novels.) [neutrinos_shadow, Nov 17 2019]

Humans Placed in Suspended Animation For the First Time https://science.sla...-for-the-first-time
Minutes matter, and the habitation vehicles described in the video above, would have it integrated. [Mindey, Nov 21 2019]


       Living in RV's is Baked and WKTE ...
8th of 7, Nov 17 2019

       Well, yeah, RVs indeed WKTE. Good point. Then, what's new is less abstract part of it. One of the major features that I was missing in RVs, is the ability to walk with it around places where traditional car-sized things can't go, like city's alleys, jungle, and yet enjoy the comfort of home wherever we go, while being able to enjoy the sky while sleeping at nights, as described in the video.
Mindey, Nov 17 2019

       [neutrinos_shadow], you mean, those flying devices, that allow living in the sky? I suppose, the would have some of the features. Also, looks like a really good movie, adding that movie to my watch list. :)
Mindey, Nov 17 2019

       Well, yeah, those too; but I meant the mobile cities, which is the "big" version of what you are talking about: a "non- fixed" place to live.
The movie is pretty good.
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 17 2019

       Truly mobile accommodation does indirectly address a very human problem; chronic stupidity, manifested as a near-suicidal compulsion to build cities in totally inappropriate places - next to volcanoes, on top of tectonic faults, on river floodplains, or low-lying coastlines vulnerable to storm surge, not forgetting Tornado Alley and those bits of the U.S. at risk from hurricanes (people die from hurricanes in other countries, but obvious they're less important).   

       A self-evacuating dwelling makes a lot of sense in those circumstances.
8th of 7, Nov 18 2019

       Half baked in faery tale by Baba Yaga since 1755 at least.   

       Half baked more recently by the BBC with the Daleks in Doctor Who.   

       Widely (if thinly) baked (after a fashion, was it miniskirts?) by morbidly obese shut-ins, agoraphobes, anthropophobes (& others) with Winnebagos since at least the 1960's.
Skewed, Nov 18 2019

       [8th of 7]; don't forget "building suburbs on perfectly good farmland, then complaining that there's no farmland".
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 18 2019

       The problem with listing "Stupid things that humans do" is that there's probably a limit to the length of an HB annotation ...
8th of 7, Nov 18 2019

       Very few people would be willing to live in a tiny cell, even if the walls are transparent.
Voice, Nov 19 2019

       //Very few people would be willing//   

       Obviously we have the wrong sort of people, genetic engineering to the rescue? or maybe just a small operation on the brain will suffice.
Skewed, Nov 19 2019

       // wrong sort of people //   

       Yes, it's a perennial problem.   

       However, the question can be phrased differently. It all depends on what's outside the "cell". If it's the freezing vacuum of space, or water at 200 Bar pressure, or a pride of hungry lions, the vast majority of humans will elect to remain inside. They may not, of course, be "happy", but at least they have the opportunity to be unhappy.
8th of 7, Nov 19 2019

       Baked, we're all on it.
wjt, Nov 22 2019

       // Nature has baked something close to this, such as probably snails and turtles, which have non-detachable shells, that have grown them the evolutionary way, like a kind of skin. But they are part of them, not an external instrument as described here. //   

       Hermit crabs?
notexactly, Nov 24 2019

       Nothing to be embarrassed about. You can get an ointment for that now.
8th of 7, Nov 24 2019


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