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Plant Watering Robot

A 'Bot that distributes water from your ceiling...
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Have you seen the robot vacuum cleaners that use sensors to vacuum your living room? Well, this idea's in the same vain, except the robot is attached to your ceiling and waters your plants.

Attach the plant watering robot to your ceiling in it's starting place or "home." Note: The robot uses suction cup feet to move across the ceiling. Then use voice commands to give the robot directions to your plants, "straight, right, right, stop." The robot is autonomous and will store your directions in memory so that it can repeat the path when you are not there.

When the robot is directly above a plant you say, "Water Plant." The Robot scans the area below and identifies the round, square, (etc) shaped planter container, and makes small adjusts so that when the water is released, it falls directly into the plant's container. The water dispenses for about 5 seconds. If this particular plant needs more water, you say, "More Water." The robot continues watering and will remember that a longer watering period was required for this particular plant.

Continue guiding the robot around your home, indicating where your plants are located and how long each plant should be watered. Then ask the robot to return to its starting point or "home" and program the frequency at which the robot should pursue your watering schedule.

Up to a month's water supply can be stored in the robot. For those with very frequent water needs or who don't want to worry about refilling the robot, the robot can be hooked up to a water line.

flynn, Jan 15 2007

IRobot Floorvac http://www.amazon.c...botic/dp/B00022HYJ6
Vacuum that runs using sensors [flynn, Jan 15 2007]

Huey, Duey (sic), and Louie http://www.robothut...ut.com/3drones.html
These were the robot gardeners and waterers in the 1971 film "Silent Running" with Bruce Dern. [jurist, Jan 15 2007]

Ceiling Robot ceiling_20robot
An earlier version of the ceiling robot concept with unspecified robotic duties by [technobadger]. [jurist, Jan 15 2007]


       [21 Quest] The idea is that the robot would be autonomous. You show the robot where your plants are only once and then it remembers for the future.   

       I'll update my description so that feature is made more clear.
flynn, Jan 15 2007


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