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Plaster Master

No more filling and sanding ...
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Painting walls is the easy part of decorating. It's the plastering, filling and sanding that's so tedious and time consuming - but not anymore! The Plaster Master solves this problem with a remarkably elegant solution. The Plaster Master is simply a long strip of extremely strong material along with a ratchet mechanism. Wrap the strip around the entire house and tighten with the ratchet until all the cracks in your walls have been squeezed together and then simply paint over. The Plaster Master stays attached to the house but comes in different designs so will not be too noticeable. Care must also be taken to attach the Plaster Master above door height. For those who live in a mid terrace, longer Plaster Masters are available so the whole block can be "plastered" in one go.
squoink, Sep 18 2003

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       "Who run DecorateTown?"
"Plaster Master."
DeathNinja, Sep 18 2003

squoink, Sep 19 2003

       When there's something bumpy,   

       On your living-room walls,   

       Who you gonna call?   

       Plaster Master
jonthegeologist, Sep 19 2003

       I know how you feel, I'm doin this crap right now, cause I can't afford someone else to do it. I actually wish someone came up with this spray that will auto level, like they have for floors, you pour some liquid and when it dries it has perfectly leveled flooring, but only for walls.
romanmar, Sep 19 2003

       Duct tape not good enough?
DrCurry, Sep 19 2003

       DrC. not convinced that Duct Tape is the ultimate tool you think it might be.
jonthegeologist, Sep 19 2003

       I think the ratchet mechanism is crucial to the design. You can keep going inside the house to check on the progress you are making and head back outside if the ratchet needs tightening.
squoink, Sep 19 2003

       you can do anything with duct tape :) my place could use this - its a squashing thang? is it?
po, Sep 19 2003

       Yup po. Squeezes all the imperfections out of your walls quickly and easily.
squoink, Sep 19 2003

       Oh... it's when I read this kind of ideas when I'm happy to be homeless.
Pericles, Sep 19 2003


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