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Plastic Strengthened

A thin film of plastic between sheets saves the day
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To save embarrassment and "stinky finger syndrome" due to toilet paper not being strong enough to withstand vigorous wiping, a thin film of plastic, or mylar for the space cadets out there, could be sandwiched between the layers on a dual layer brand.

For this to work, the perforation technology employed by the manufacturers would have to improve, obviously.

In response to all the comments made, I feel compelled to withdraw this idea, but I won't. Instead I'm going to insist on the greatness and viability of such a product. What if the "plastic" was a biodegradable maize-starch compound?

joelnick, Feb 07 2002

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       Didn't we have something like this before? Anyway, joelnick, some of us have septic tanks, which requires all materials deposited to be bio-degradable. Otherwise, the tank will be full of plastic sooner or later.
TeaTotal, Feb 07 2002

       I've heard there are different brands of tissue.
thumbwax, Feb 07 2002

       -what TeaTotal said

-use wet wipes

-use paper towels

-corn cobs

-change of diet?
quarterbaker, Feb 07 2002

       Peter - The items in your first link say they are "disposable". I don't see anything that says "biodegradable". And of course, regular TP is biodegradable. What's your point?
TeaTotal, Feb 07 2002


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