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Pre-folded Toilet Paper

A dispenser with toilet paper pre-folded into an acceptable thickness.
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If you are a folder or roller, you know it takes a few/couple seconds to fold the TP so it's thick enough to use.
Why not have it pre-folded? You couldn't just make thicker TP because it wouldn't get down the drain as well and would clog the plumbing more often.
It could be folded into a thicker "patch" with a water-soluble substance so it would separate into thin TP once it hit the toilet.
miles, Mar 08 2002

The Poop Report http://www.poopreport.com
"Your #1 source for your #2 business." [waugsqueke, Jun 10 2002]


       I guess it's better than retro-folded toilet paper.
stupop, Mar 08 2002

       It's called Kleenex.   

       Are _ we _ really _ this _ lazy? If so, what's next? Prefertilized human ova?
phoenix, Mar 08 2002

       Hey! I've got something to say about that... well...ahhh.... na....can't be arsed.

Oh look, the Simpsons are on tele.
mcscotland, Mar 08 2002

       pretty bog standard I am afraid, Miles, but don't let that put you off another pennyworth.
po, Mar 08 2002

       Does anyone else recall the nicely single fold tp they had in school? needed 73 pieces of it to do anything at all.   

       Similar, we need 12 ply tp that breaks up in the toilet to prevent clogs.
rbl, Mar 08 2002

       It's what to do with all that now useless carbon paper.
entremanure, Mar 09 2002

       When I used to live in rural Eastern Kentucky, some of the bathrooms were still outside the house (and sans bath). I can't help but wonder if they divided their ranks into "corncobbers" and "Sears catalog-ers."
jester, Mar 09 2002

       What makes it "pre-folded," rather than just folded?
mrthingy, Mar 11 2002

       For all it's faults, at least the tracing-paper bog-roll we had at school kept my "beard" free of "tagnuts".
brewmaster, Mar 12 2002

       The whole concept of toilet paper is pretty disgusting. I think we should adopt the Asian approach.   

       [brewmaster] Does that mean you've been suffering from 'men in the rigging' ever since you left school?
stupop, Mar 12 2002

       They can make 90 minute microcassettes but they can't make 2000 sheet toliet paper.
Amishman35, Mar 12 2002

       Phoenix, look at what we've done with computer software. If it only takes 1 second, but users do it repeatedly and often, we make a short-cut for it. I'm not ashamed to say I'd like to take a few seconds off my "#2" toilet time!

Rbl, the 12-ply TP is pretty much the same idea. I like your thinking.

MrThingy, what makes it pre-folded is that you don't have to do it.

C'mon, this idea is better than so many of the purely theoretical ones we see here on the HalfBakery.
miles, Mar 12 2002

       If you have to tell people your idea is good... it's not.
waugsqueke, Mar 12 2002

       Miles: I think you could just call it "folded toilet paper" and it would have the same meaning since regular toilet paper isn't folded. Kind of like "pre-moistened towelette" is really just a moistened, or even better, moist towelette.   

       stupop: Yes, scooping excrement out of your anus with your bare fingers is so much less disgusting than using clean toilet paper.
mrthingy, Mar 12 2002

       waugsqueke, the idea might be good IN SPITE of the fact that I'm telling you it's good. Mark my words, someone will bake it someday, even if it's not me.
miles, Mar 13 2002

       So, UnaBubba, do we also need a toilet paper scrunching device? (my preferred method, although I can't believe I am telling you all this) Scrunching is superior to folding because you maintain a greater surface area over which to absorb remaining wetness, and there is also more surface topography to the paper, improving grab potential of aforementioned tagnuts. Unless you have particularly wiry hair. In which case, get some depilatory cream, it makes bottoms so much nicer to deal with.
sappho, Mar 13 2002

       [sappho] I agree with you on the superiority of scrunching over folding. Now please tell us your wiry hair/ depilatory cream/ nice bottoms comment isn't the result of personal experience..
Croissant for [stupop]'s use of the phrase "men in the rigging".
hippo, Mar 13 2002

       it's not the result of personal experience. It's just a wild guess, partly influenced by something someone told me once about porn.
sappho, Mar 13 2002

       Am I missing the point or doing it wrong? When you fold, you cover the result of the previous wipe, leaving a fresh surface of toilet paper. Then you wipe again.   

       It would appear that [miles] draws a fresh sheet of TP on each wipe - this is surely more inefficient than folding a single, longer sheet.
lubbit, Mar 13 2002

       // In which case, get some depilatory cream, it makes bottoms so much nicer to deal with. //   

       I agree, though I wasn't thinking about toilet paper. (UB, scraping the 'bottom' wasn't what I had in mind, either.)   

       Aside: my youngest kid has taken to referring to the Internet as the "toilet", because he does things like that. (Some would say he's wise beyond his years, what with all the crap online.)   

       He thinks its hilarious to be able to say things like "I was on the toilet for two hours last night," and make jokes about long downloads.
waugsqueke, Mar 13 2002

       toilet/downloads... I remember an episode of NYPD Blue where Sipowicz referred to the toilet as the bank and said he was going in to make a deposit.
sappho, Mar 13 2002

       I'm just off to 'log-on'.
stupop, Mar 13 2002

       I'm reminded, despite my best efforts, of the constipated mathematician who worked it out with a pencil. By logs.
angel, Mar 13 2002

       This is beneath me
thumbwax, Mar 14 2002

       I thought you - of all people - would get my little joke. For some reason, tongue-in-cheek doesn't seem to be correct
thumbwax, Mar 14 2002

       I hate the super soft TP that melts in your hands. One crap and I use up a quarter roll of paper. My solution is to cut up a paper towel (roll) into four pieces. The towel has excellent wet strength and does a superior job as a wipe.
kelvin, Jun 10 2002

       Thumbwax, try the other cheek.   

       Kelvin, you're doing Evil Things to the sewer system, or worse, a septic tank, by doing that. Pottypaper is supposed to dissolve, to keep from creating clogs. You just need to find a brand that doesn't dissolve quite so quickly.
StarChaser, Jun 10 2002

       plus it blocks your toilet really easily...
yamahito, Jun 10 2002


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