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Plastic waste

Take plastic waste compact and reform it into, fence posts, landscaping timbers, many more..
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Take plastic waste, all, in as is condition. Reduce it in size. Place it in a mold. Heat some while applying pressure; Cool and a new product will come out of the mold as a Landscaping timber, a fence posts, roof tiles, contention barriers, marina docks, light poles, pallets, walkways................what have you, as the mold so will the product be. $250,000 will get us started and going, 3 years will be ready to go into phase 2, and pay back initial injection of cash, globalization and diversification of the idea follows.
beneas, Mar 01 2002

Redundant - Sep 2000 http://www.halfbake...ycling_20containers
Good idea though [Danzarak, Mar 01 2002]

And baked anyway http://sourcebook.p...king/Barricades/179
[angel, Mar 01 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       You'd still need to sort and clean it, since impurities would affect its strength. And recycling plastic is unbelievably baked.
pottedstu, Mar 01 2002

       Plastic waste is already being recycled here as landscaping timbers, so this is baked. Additionally, shredded polythene is mixed with sawdust to make boards for decks and walkways- never rots, never needs painting. Only drawback I see is that it is not as strong (in the load-bearing sense) as traditional lumber.
Gentoo, Oct 09 2003


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