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Plunging Necklines

Powered, they are
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There are times when I find women "fascinating" in a Mister-Spock-ish sort of way. Like when they make themselves up to be attractive, and then complain about what they attract. Or when they ratchet their appearance up even further, to the "vision" category, and then complain about being stared at. This Idea is especially NOT for that second group of complainers.

While many upper-garments for women already feature necklines that have been labled "plunging", none are ACTIVELY plunging. For this Idea to work, the uppermost portion of the unchanging part of the garment must have some sort of discreet storage-place for the mobile piece of fabric. The glittery parts of the garment are tiny solar cells. Finally, there is a random-number generator chip and a couple of linear electric motors (pretty flat, they can be).

When this garment is worn, the very stretchy/unrolled/unfolded (whatever works) fabric in the breastbone/neckline region is in constant motion, not too fast. Up to the neck where it "fits" with the cloth going over the shoulders. Randomly downward to different distances, and then up again. Possibly (depending on social acceptability), it might occasionally plunge so low that parts of the areolas are visible.

Well, as you know, guys are evolved as hunters and their eyes are naturally/automatically attracted to motion. This garment will be noticed! Mesmerization and eyestrain may follow, as they await discovery of just how low a plunge will be taken...(haven't I heard about some dresses that have necklines plunging below the navel? Hmmmm!).

Vernon, Jun 22 2005


       Yeah, because I would never notice just an ordinary, deeply plunging neckline.
half, Jun 22 2005

       Heh, I was thinking about corner-of-the-eye type of noticing. Motion sensed at the periphery of vision almost always and immediately leads to more-direct inspection. A "static" image at the periphery of vision may get directly viewed also, but usually less quickly.
Vernon, Jun 22 2005

       where would the paper money end up?
po, Jun 22 2005

       [po], a woman with a dress this fancy would probably be carrying a purse?
Vernon, Jun 22 2005

       What sort of transducer do you propose for measuring all that, [Pa've]?
bristolz, Jun 22 2005

       "Are you trying to transduce me?" she asked, eyelids fluttering and neckline plunging.
bristolz, Jun 22 2005


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