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Plutonium Watch

Nuclear power!
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No-one has ever looked at a digital watch and exclaimed "I wish the battery lasted much longer than just a few years."

Even if battery life is a concern, a simple solar panel is enough to give digital watches a practically infinite lifetime.

But you have to admit that nothing would be quite so suave as a digital watch powered by plutonium.

The tiniest sliver of Pu-238 would be sandwiched between peltier cells to produce a miniature Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG) -- the same technology that powers space probes. Picture the envy on your colleagues' faces when they realize your wristwatch is _nuclear powered_.

mitxela, Jun 18 2020

Another use of Pu-238 https://osrp.lanl.gov/pacemakers.shtml
If you're concerned about safety, remember that Pu-238 was used as a long-lived battery for pacemakers. So it must be safe! [mitxela, Jun 18 2020]


       Would it be TSA-compliant?
21 Quest, Jun 18 2020

       Could I go ahead and call it an atomic clock?
lurch, Jun 18 2020

       Digital numerals in a little cloud chamber display?
wjt, Jun 18 2020


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