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Pneumatic DungGun

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Filthy scoops. Inconvenient bags. Large caliber dogs. Pet waste is a nuisance. Is there no convenient, hygienic way to transfer animal waste which can be fun to boot?

Yes - with the DungGun from BUNGCO! We licensed some patents from Supersoaker to design this functional yet entertaining waste control device. It looks like a shotgun, but dayglo orange. Pump it to evacuate the chamber and it becomes a powerful vacuum, sucking waste chunks back into the chamber. Turn the dial and pump again, and the chamber acuumulates compressed air, which can be released to launch the stored dung into a suitable receptacle.

BUNGCO is proud to offer equestrians the Mounted Dunggun. With a proportinately larger charge and extralong barrel, the Mounted DungGun can be used for cleanup without dismounting.

bungston, Aug 15 2005


       Your dung seal incredibly poorly in the barrel. So bad of seal that I suspect you'd be able to throw the dung farther.
my-nep, Aug 15 2005

       Seal dung is usually too watery for use in the Dunggun.
bungston, Aug 15 2005

       ... so I'm having a BBQ in my backyard and all of a sudden out of the sky....
FlyingToaster, Mar 19 2009

       I smell the beginnings of a new competitive sport more entertaining than paintball.
Hagpraig, Mar 19 2009

       Actually, if you store the air from the first pumping, you just have to pump once.
loonquawl, Mar 19 2009

       If you add a little sugar to the dung, then wait a few days, the device could be self-charging to propel the fermented remains of the dung with a very high velocity. With an appropriate exit nozzle, you could even incorporate a sound making means to issue a warning or even a fanciful sound to amuse and entertain children and neighbors.   

       el dueno
el dueno, Mar 20 2009

       an awesome idea! + (unless you made it and used it near me.)   


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