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One-wire network-attached storage
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Start with a small enclosure with a spinning disk. Add some minimal hardware to run embedded linux with a single gigabit ethernet port. Connect to PoE switch (or through a midspan) to power the device (4-5 watts should be sufficient). Clients on the LAN could transfer files via SSH/FTP/NFS/SMB, or any other practical protocol.
ed, May 05 2012

DuraNAS 1000 http://www.eurotech...orking/DuraNAS+1000
[ytk, May 06 2012]


       Somebody else needs to take this one...
blissmiss, May 05 2012

       start with po.. am interested...   

       he is a duck! am more than interested...
po, May 05 2012

       4-5 watts to reliably run a 7200rpm disc? Mmmmkay...   

       Volume is going to be limited. Transfer speeds will suffer, too.
UnaBubba, May 05 2012

       Could be done with a Hitachi Microdrive, but the max would then be about 8gb…   

       Some 2.5" units might just about meet the criteria.   

       Better to drive it with a CMOS CPU running embedded C as native rather than bothering with the Linux overhead.
8th of 7, May 05 2012

       The power supply on a 1 terabyte WD MyBook is rated for 2.1 watts. I've seen PoE hardware running embedded linux on ARM consume only 3 watts, so 5 watts seemed feasible.
ed, May 05 2012

       No ravens?
not_morrison_rm, May 06 2012

       so the idea is a standalone network/network-powered hard-disk ? ... presumably using a hardware protocol which allows hot plugging.
FlyingToaster, May 06 2012

       This gives me an idea for a sort of software algorithm, that would let you rapidly analyze billions of web pages for a specified term. This "search engine", if you will, would allow you to look and see if something like this already exists. For example, you could put in a query like "nas poe" and see whether somebody has already invented such a thing.   

       I'm tellin' ya, this is gonna be big. So big, that it deserves a really BIG name. In fact, I think I'll call it "tentotheonehundredth".
ytk, May 06 2012

       Okay, I apologize for the (excessive) snark. It just seems like there've been quite a few product ideas posted lately where the author didn't do so much as a cursory web search to see if such a thing already exists. I think (and the FAQ concurs) that this should be part of the due diligence when posting an idea. If you discover that a similar idea already exists and you still want to post your idea, then that's fine— but it behooves you to add a link or reference to the existing invention, as well as to specify what distinguishes your idea.
ytk, May 06 2012

       // I apologize for the (excessive) snark. //   

       Yes, you should be careful- it might turn out to be a Boojum …   

       Keep a Railway Share handy!
8th of 7, May 06 2012

       I'll just use my trusty Boojum reflector, thanks. My way or the Conway.
ytk, May 06 2012

       I spent 20 minutes searching the web for such a product, confused why I could not find it through my usual channels. I found nothing. ytk, if you have seen this already, perhaps you could post a link to it.
ed, May 06 2012

       Sure. Like I said, put "nas poe" (no quotes) into the Googles. First result. Also for pretty much any combination of the words "power over ethernet nas". Not sure what search terms you were using...
ytk, May 06 2012

       Thank you for the link; my search engine did not find that. That is pretty much what I was looking for, though I do not need "harsh environment" support.
ed, May 06 2012

       What do you mean you don't need it? You're here, right?
ytk, May 07 2012

       "Happy Cuddle Club" support has been discontinued.
<This has been a community disservice announcement.>
UnaBubba, May 07 2012


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