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Pogo-Stick Plunger

High-Power Plunger Removes Stubborn Clogs
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1. Hop on the ALL-NEW POGO PLUNGER plunger and bounce on it several dozen times. This causes air to compress in the body chamber, reaching 3,000ppsi.

2. Lay newspaper all over the bathroom floor.

3. Shove the ALL-NEW POGO PLUNGER into the toilet hole, close your eyes and pull the trigger. Blow all the bathroom windows.

mailtosalonga, Jul 13 2004

Bellows type plunger http://www.american.../images/cp00321.jpg
Extend the handle, add a spring inside, attach some footpegs and bog's your uncle. [half, Oct 04 2004]


       dare I say that no 2 should come first?
po, Jul 13 2004

       //compress in the body chamber// You had me a little worried there.
FarmerJohn, Jul 13 2004

       This needs to be animated. Twisted French breakfast bread for ya.
gootyam, Jul 13 2004

       In a nation wide taste test, more people choose 3000 ppsi over 3000 cke.   

       Would a plunger be able to pogo? Surely it would take but one hop for the Pogo-Stick Plunger to get stuck, making it very akward to pogo successfully?
spiritualized, Jul 14 2004

       well... yeah. I guess. I still like it, though.
mailtosalonga, Jul 15 2004


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