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Polar heat pump

Extract excess heat from the Arctic and use it to heat houses in Canada
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A vast network of refridgerant-bearing pipes are installed in the depths of the arctic sea. These are connected via heat pumps to the central heating systems in the homes of all Canadians. The cooling of the arctic sea reduces the rate of arctic ice cap melting whilst keeping Canadians nice and warm.
prufrax, Dec 18 2009

mfd - widely theorised to exist http://en.wikipedia...ohaline_circulation
of course you need to redefine "pipes", "pump", "keeping Canadians nice" [4whom, Dec 20 2009]


       Mfd too expensive.
zeno, Dec 18 2009

       No one has ever seen the bottom of the arctic sea.
leinypoo13, Dec 18 2009

       "Mfd too expensive."
Those words - in any combination - have no meaning here.

       "No one has ever seen the bottom of the arctic sea."
You should tell that to the Russians.
phoenix, Dec 18 2009

       nice idea, but the distance would probably (okay pretty much definitely) put more energy into the system than it would take out. Still [+] except the Arctic Circle contains more than just Canadians (though of course they may not count as much :) )... Alaskans, Russians, Swedes, Norwegians, Tibetans, and all sorts of other places I don't remember exist or can't spell properly.   

       speaking of which: "refridgerant" ?
FlyingToaster, Dec 18 2009


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