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Police Issue Doughnut Protector

The newest advance in the fight against crime
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This device is designed to clip to a policeperson's "utility belt" to stand alongside the handcuffs and radio as essential police issue.

The outer casing is made from hard wearing, robust plastic - with the option of kevlar for those that require high-spec, bullet proof doughnut protection.

Opening up like a clam, the inside is a smooth non-stick surface to minimize any loss of precious icing during removal of tasty snack.

Jinbish, Jan 30 2005

Doughnut http://images.googl...k/images?q=doughnut
I could really do with one of these right now... [Jinbish, Jan 30 2005, last modified Feb 04 2010]

Banana Lunchbox http://www.bananasaver.com/
reminds me of this; also good for croissants [FarmerJohn, Jan 30 2005]

(?) Banana Pouch Banana_20Pouch
by mr, um, ehh, no, it's gone. [calum, Jan 30 2005]

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cuckoointherye, Jan 30 2005

       hehe - love it
benfrost, Jan 30 2005

       Heh, ...[+]
skinflaps, Jan 30 2005

       Aww, you mean these wouldn't be available for civilians? :(
phundug, Jan 31 2005

       So many buns, yet so few annos! How does this happen?   

MikeD, Feb 04 2010

       what's not to love?
po, Apr 28 2011

       so... nothing to do with haemorrhoids then...
FlyingToaster, Apr 28 2011

       Will it be considererd non lethal?
pashute, May 01 2011

       (Commonwealth snobbery) Bun just for spelling 'doughnut' correctly. [+].
spidermother, May 01 2011

       "To Protect and Serve".
FlyingToaster, Aug 13 2012

       //what's not to love?//...That same sentiment could be applied in memoriam to the author, as well. It's nice to see this concise idea resurrected and honored.
jurist, Aug 13 2012

       Attaches to a utility belt?   

       Holey pastry, Batman!
Loris, Aug 13 2012

       the banana pouch people should be criminalized/ persecuted/ ignored/ marginalized whatever... for missing the opportunity to call it 'BananaArmour '
bs0u0155, Aug 13 2012

       Cops out here get 90,000 + per year. They can afford to throw out damaged donuts.
bob, Mar 30 2014

       I asked a cop once; He said it was because doughnut shops have great coffee.
Voice, Mar 31 2014

       [bs0] - it's times like this I really wish you could bun annos.
Custardguts, Mar 31 2014

       Why are donuts popping up everywhere? Its Passover cleanup time, and donuts are not allowed!
pashute, Apr 01 2014


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