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Political Croquet

What to do with all those wire frame signs?
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Election Day is right around the corner, and the whole city is dotted with wire frame signs [link], as MP candidates (and their supporters) brandish their colours in the hopes of winning my vote. These eyesores seem to be increasing exponentially by the day. In previous elections, I have seen them lingering around for months. I, for one, would like to put an end to the madness.

If a politician is elected, he or she is required to play a game of croquet, with the wire frame signs serving as the hoops. The candidate must pass the ball through every one of his or her signs in the riding before being allowed to take office.

Cuit_au_Four, Jan 21 2006

Wire Frame Sign http://www.zorblog....ages/greensign.html
These conglomerate in large groups and annoy me. [Cuit_au_Four, Jan 21 2006]


       I can just see supporters of the losing candidates placing thousands of these the night the results are given.
Germanicus, Jan 22 2006

       What annoys me is the samll billboards they put up on lamp posts. Losing candidates should be nailed to them.
etherman, Jan 22 2006


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