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Psychopaths not allowed
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Having seen a recent TV prgramme stating that it was possible now to assess someones psychopathic traits. Instead of just assessing criminals should we not be setting tests for those who seek to be in power on our behalf, our politicians. Or test those wishing to become police officers. Hopefully this would illiminate people who want power for the wrong reasons.
griffin, Apr 16 2001

Omar Bradley http://www.laweekly.../cover-kaplan.shtml
Threaten? You bettin'! [thumbwax, Apr 16 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       How about applying this assessment to those people who want to be parents? Stop the problem right at the source.   

       Just a thought ...
1percent, Apr 16 2001

       Currently, new recruits to most police academies do undergo psychiactric testing/assessment. I believe this is also true for officer training for the armed forces.
Susen, Apr 16 2001

       [sp: eliminate]
[admin: pick a better title? "Psycho test for politicians" would line up nicely with "Intelligence test for politicians" in the same category.]

       What are the right reasons to want power?
jutta, Apr 16 2001, last modified Apr 17 2001

       i think the reasons are supposed to be an interest in the 'common good', with a little bit off self determination for motovation but this is probably very rare.
edski, Apr 16 2001

       It has been argued (although I cannot remember by whom) that a person's desire for political power is the most convincing reason for it to be denied them. It has also been said (by Stephen William Rimmer) that power itself does not corrupt, but it is attractive to the already corruptible.
angel, Apr 23 2001

       In the purest (read:purified) sense, power would be to change things for the betterment of all - not just those involved in the immediate sense of the word-rather for the betterment of society - whether by a Governing Body or a Business of any level-Local, Regional, State, Federal, International. Unfortunately, it seems to translate to behind-the scenes hatching of monetary gains, blah blah. The Most insane Mayor I can think of is in Compton, CA - Omar Bradley - though he truly wants to better his community, he's a freak.
thumbwax, Apr 23 2001

       I'm much more apt to trust a system of checks and balances that makes politicians answerable to each other and (ultimately) to the voting public than any sort of psychological evaluation scheme.
egnor, Apr 23 2001

       If this was engendered, we'd have very few politicians; they all want power. That is what politics are about.
tealeaf magazine, Jan 11 2004


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