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Politics test

Instead of a voting for politicians, choose them based on what the people want
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Have a test which measures peoples opinions on political stufff -foreign policy, home affairs, economy blah blah blah - and then average it all out to find out what the people think on each issue. Then that's what the goverment has to do.

It would make the country into a big mess, but hey, that's democracy.

Selky, Sep 27 2009

Scientifically Testing Representative Government Subject_20Represent...entific_20Principle
[theircompetitor, Sep 28 2009]


       Only if my party can administer and judge the test [-]
pocmloc, Sep 27 2009

       Mean, median or mode?
nineteenthly, Sep 27 2009

       I don't trust people to want what's good for them. I don't really even trust myself for that. So, []. Now, if you had suggested measuring the opinions of the experts or those most directly affected by each facet of "political stuff" to determine what to do in that area, or if you had suggested building a planet-ruling AI, I'd be all for it. I trust experts more than the average.
sninctown, Sep 27 2009

       Hey, I never suggested doing it. In fact, I voted against the idea. It's just to show people the pitfalls of democracy.
Selky, Sep 28 2009

       Gosh darn it, do you think this is why most democracies are actually republics?
theircompetitor, Sep 28 2009


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