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Poor Man's Projection TV

TV to large projection screen transformer
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A large projection screen is fed through a reflection system that comes directly from the TV screen. I imagine it possible to make it no wider than 6 inches, with an adjustuble / focusable mount in the lower back area where it would attach to the front of the TV. I will provide a picture asap.
TimD, Nov 18 2003

tv to projector http://www.dith.cwc.net/tvproj.html
[sporn, Oct 04 2004]

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       Please do provide that picture. You kinda lost me there.
half, Nov 18 2003

       Damn... :( I did a search on here, but didn't come up with anything...
TimD, Nov 18 2003

       It sounds a lot like the thousands of '100 inch projection tv plans' available on ebay.
benjamin, Nov 19 2003


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