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Tele for Two

One screen, two shows
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Sit on the couch with your partner, share a bowl of fresh popcorn (with real butter and salt), and watch a movie on the telly. Well two movies. A romantic comedy for him, and Dolph Lundgren for her (times are changing) on the same screen. How? By using the same lenticular technologies that started with Crackerjack toys and have now moved to billboards. By sitting slightly to the right of the center of the rippled screen, one image is viewed, to the left another.


grip, Jun 28 2004

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two viewers to see two completely different images on the same screen so long as they're both rockin' a set of specialized glasses [xaviergisz, Jan 13 2008]

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[erlehmann, Jan 13 2008]


       What about sound? What if the moods of the two movies don't match, he watches XXX, she watches a rape scene?   

       This technology (assuming it works) would be more helpful for a quick peek into another channel. No buttons to push, no real interruption, move your head a little aside to see what you miss.
kbecker, Jun 28 2004

       A good idea, but I suspect 3D TV is coming out soon and will use up the parralax opportunity. Have a bun though.
originalsen, Jun 28 2004

       Why not buy two TVs Or alternatively use "picture in picture", which by the way is great for playing a game on the PS2 while the other half is watching Ballroom dancing or something.   

       The two sounds is fine because we can have two earphones or just on pair of good earphones and the most unpopular sounds (for example your XXX situtation) could be voted for the headphones.
PainOCommonSense, Jun 28 2004

       Isn't the point of watching a movie with your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend so that you can comment on it and interact as a result of doing so?
Pocketassreturn, Jun 28 2004

       [PainO] Two TVs and screen-within-a-screen presents the problem of both people watching both things, which is very distracting and presumes one half of the couple wants to see what the other watches.   

       [Pocket] No.
grip, Jun 28 2004

       Link. Tough category decision.
phoenix, Jun 28 2004

       shutter glasses come to mind - they require no new tv.
erlehmann, Jan 13 2008


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