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Pop Rocks of Love

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By now, you clubgoers are all familiar with Cap'n Bungy's Buzzguzzle Malt Beverage, now available in Persimmon. The aphrodisiac reputation of Capn' Bungy's beverages is legendary, and encouraged by the lovely Buzz Girls when they visit clubs to hand out free beverage-promotional merchandise. We are proud to introduce the good Cap'n's Pop Rocks of Love - available in all the flavors of Buzzguzzle Malt Beverage. The Pop Rocks of Love are now included in the promotional set of Buzzguzzle flavored massage cream and prophylactics. Decorum prohibits us from going into detail about the many erogenous uses of our new Pop Rocks of Love, but after a few swigs of Buzzguzzle we here at BUNGCO are sure your creative juices will get flowing - and this is what gets the rocks popping!
bungston, Aug 11 2004


       short slogan "Now you'll love to swallow! Swallow Pop Rocks of Love that is! Try our new Red Hots flavor for when you feel a little devilish!"   

       The world needs more love,...so croissants for you!
Around TUIT, Aug 11 2004

       Hard on, Brother!
FarmerJohn, Aug 12 2004

       Mmmmm, Pop Rocks. Mmmmmm, persimmon. You know, they don't make enough persimmon flavored things. So is this the new, drug-free alternative for "X" for clubbers?
Machiavelli, Aug 12 2004

       Has anyone here actually used pop rocks? This idea should be changed to "sandpaper of love". needless to say, I wasn't much impressed with them.
destructionism, Aug 12 2004

       Maybe you're using them wrong.
Worldgineer, Aug 12 2004


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