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Popcorn-popping vacuum cleaner

Makes popcorn for you while you work
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I was vacuuming my apartment today and found a number of popcorn seeds on the floor in the dining room. It would be nice to have a vacuum cleaner that could identify popcorn seeds that it picks up, then pop them for you so you can have a little snack while you work. These popcorn seeds are still usable!
gd, Aug 12 2001


       oh lord in heaven help me and preserve me. Keep me safe in these strange times. Keep me from insanity and those who try to guide me away from your ever lasting light. Save me from the gadgets that men may make to force me to live a life of confusion sorting the popped from the unpopped. In jesus' name I pray.
futurebird, Aug 12 2001

       I imagine if you put a popcorn kernel in a vacuum it would pop at a much lower temperature than a kernel at atmospheric pressure.
LoriZ, Aug 12 2001

       surley the energy required to create a vacuum is no less than the energy needed to pop pop-corn at room presure?
RobertKidney, Aug 12 2001

       Wow! No one's beat me to posting the intial reaction that I'd thought everbody would have: Ewwww!
Lucky_Setzer, Aug 12 2001

       Dust-bunny-flavored popcorn would certainly be a hit among toddlers, to whom everything's better when seasoned with dirt.
Dog Ed, Aug 13 2001

       Honestly, Lucky_Setzer! The kernels would be funnelled to an appropriately separated chamber of the bag. One for the garbage and one for the gold so to speak. Right? gd.
thecat, Jun 24 2003


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