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Popcorn Mattress Alarm

Mattress that Pops
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Instead of waking up to the sound of an annoying alarm clock wake up to the sound and smell of delectable popcorn. Set the alarm for your popcorn wake up call and in the morning the popcorn mattress/beanbag begins to expand full of buttery popcorny goodness. Refills not included.
redpandainventor, Jul 09 2007

Other uses for this technology PSA_3a_20Popcorn_20Security_20Alarm
[normzone, Jul 09 2007]


       A mattress that fills with popcorn...to wake me up....first thing in the morning.....(-)
S-note, Jul 09 2007

       since popcorn expands to about 10 times its original size, thats going to be one big matress at the end.   

       You could however sell it to cinemas as a by-product, which leaves me slightly leaning towards the pastry
miasere, Jul 09 2007

       another use is to wake people up in case of housefires
redpandainventor, Jul 09 2007

       I read anno above as *houseflies*...anyway, if the mattress fills up to wake you up, was it flat when you went to sleep? or is the sound/smell of popcorn that wakes you up? I'd rather one that fills up with coffee.
xandram, Jul 09 2007


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