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Popcorn Pleasure Palace

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I had the pleasure of making popcorn in my kitchen for a large group of unreasonably demanding little girls.

I in fact had no experience making popcorn, its always been one of those things that you know you just think oh i can do that.

The process that I originated was not the most efficient, more popcorn reached the floor in my kitchen than I was able to hand out.

In fact my experience was largely one of popcorn fury that I was forced to conceal so as not to spoil the pleasant popcorn and a movie for kids atmosphere.

Amid the internalized anger and external chaos I discovered something about myself and popcorn.

I learned that when situations go off the rails I become more attentive and observant. I discovered that popcorn is quite nice to walk on with bare feet, actually its a rather soothing experience that deactivated my temper quickly.

I propose constructing a room engineered to keep a consistent layer of warm freshly popped pop corn covering the entire floor surface area of said room.

The purpose of the popcorn would be for soothing nerves when walked on. I propose that anyone with an anger management problem be required by the state to install such a system in one room of their home or that an emergency type pop up makeshift version or kit be supplied to them.

A long trough would line one wall with a heating element at the bottom a mechanical dispenser would release a line of corn kernels from a corn oil and corn kernel filled retainer trough above. The gate will slide open the kernels will drop down almost instantly pop pushing the previous line of popped corn away from the popping trough. The whole system will be low profile and somewhat concealed.

vfrackis, Oct 10 2014

From Real Genius https://www.youtube...watch?v=rthHSISkM7A
Don't add too much... [RayfordSteele, Oct 10 2014]


       Cream corn pleasure palace doesn't have the same ring to it
sninctown, Oct 10 2014

       Howabout toe corn pleasure palace?
RayfordSteele, Oct 10 2014


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