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Pork Nog

A holiday classic... with pork!
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Get some added protien and vitamins by upgrading from egg nog to pork nog. You could use pork gravy or drippings from a pork roast to add the pork flavor, or for a treat with a fuller body, introduce pureed meat into the nog.

While this would be a more savory beverage than the standard egg nog, the addition of some apple brandy would compliment the swiney goodness of pork nog well.

mcoen, Apr 02 2001

Pork Soda http://www.everythi...pl?node=Pork%20Soda
Different context, but still refutes originality. [bookworm, Apr 02 2001]

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       "2 Mudslops please"
thumbwax, Apr 02 2001

       Just one word(which may be lost on our American contributiors): Bovril
mcscotland, Apr 03 2001

       Yup. You could probably class this as a psychotropic drug these days...
mcscotland, Apr 03 2001


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