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Pornographic breakfast cereal

Ooh! "Cheeroticos"
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Breakfast cereal with pieces moulded into tiny, anatomically correct men and women in a variety of positions. As you pour the cereal into your bowl, some of the figures will appear to fall together in suggestive positions. If you don't like the positions that you see, mix up the cereal and see if you get something new.
hippo, Mar 11 2005

(?) NSFW: World's Largest Bowl of Pornographic Breakfast Cereal http://public.fotki...tica_bathtub_4.html
[calum, Mar 11 2005]

Fra Angelico's Final Judgement http://easyweb.easy...i/angelic/pic36.htm
In the Museo di San Marco, Florence [hippo, Mar 12 2005]

(?) pass the pigs http://www.captainj...gs/PassThePigs.html
[po, Mar 12 2005]

Porn Bread http://www.porn-bread.com/
For people who don't like cereal. [Detly, Mar 17 2005]


       Why not. Saddo's need to eat too. [+]
etherman, Mar 11 2005

       heh. breakfast orgy. heh. [+]
contracts, Mar 11 2005

       Although I can't help imagining this would look like a ghastly horror film after a while - assuming the cereal gets shaken up, there will inevitably be a few dismembered limbs and headless corpses floating in your milk. Then after a few minutes the figures will start to dissolve and fall apart as if in some kind of huge acid-bath.
These are probably the reasons why this idea hasn't been baked yet by some big cereal manufacturer.
hippo, Mar 11 2005

       if they were policemen and policewomen, it would be a variation of Pass the Pigs.
po, Mar 11 2005

       a free condom in each pack? "hmm don't remember cheerio's being so chewy."
etherman, Mar 11 2005

calum, Mar 11 2005

       Dismembered members and headless heads.
phundug, Mar 11 2005

       Fantastic... this could include a variation with the sexual body spots only, such as breasts and so...
NeoPiter, Mar 11 2005

       Huh, I wish they had this on the market. It would've made my best friend's bachelorette party last weekend that much more fun.
Machiavelli, Mar 11 2005

       It's just come to me - the image that was in the back of my mind when writing this idea. See link.
hippo, Mar 12 2005

       nah, pass the pigs. I know you better!
po, Mar 12 2005

       Would bring new meaning to the phrases " bite me "and "eat me ".
python, Mar 13 2005

       [contracts], you surprise me.
zeno, Mar 13 2005

       most important meal of the day?... [+]
bkyaffe, Mar 13 2005

       Well, I'm not sure I'll want to drink the milk from that cereal bowl. [+]
Pericles, Mar 13 2005

       ... vagina jam!   

       (Actually, biased by the title of the idea, I thought it was [benfrost]'s).
Pericles, Mar 15 2005

       How about "Pornflakes"?
Ling, Mar 16 2005

       Available in urban areas under the name Beeyotchios?
shapu, Mar 16 2005

       Brilliant <Ling>.
etherman, Mar 16 2005

       "Some multiplying may occur during shipment."
FarmerJohn, Mar 16 2005

       I have seen candies and lollipops on this theme... but it adds a whole new meaning to "Silly Rabbit! Trix are for kids!". Or how about the Lucky Charms slogan revisited "They're masochistically delicious!" Or, maybe "I'm cuckoo for cocko-puffs!". Oh dear. Must go have a bowl of cereal now...
submitinkmonkey, Mar 16 2005

       Top idea [hippo].   

       (But even better link [po] - that's the nail in the coffin for my studies!)
Jinbish, Mar 16 2005

       "Pass me the fucking cereal, please."   

       "Pornflakes," heh.
bristolz, Mar 17 2005

       OK you got my vote!! (but what if they fall against same sex flakes??)
xandram, Feb 11 2010

       Pornflakes is really good and so is this idea.   

       Please consider PolyamorOhs too   

       Are the men and woman components individuals?   

       This could turn into a really gay breakfast, for some people that would not be bad but for others it could make for an upset tummy or worse.   

       Sometimes the smell of soggy cereal can make me feel sick add the dimension of porno imagery. Whew breakfast could get ugly.   

       Then there is the issue of cereal orgy in ubiquitous white liquid.   

       All around Pornflakes could be hard to get down.
vfrackis, Feb 11 2010

       Class. Here's a long overdue bun.   

       Whatever became of [contracts]?
wagster, Feb 11 2010

       Much better than I expected from the title.   

       Regrettably, this must await some technology that can keep the relevant bits from getting soggy.
mouseposture, Feb 13 2010

       It's an orgy in my mouth!
Voice, Aug 06 2010

       Honey Bunches of Oats, now with fuck clusters.
nomocrow, Aug 08 2010

       Or use dark and light oats and call it Miscegenation Mueslix.
ldischler, Aug 08 2010


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