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a cacophonic cereal for kids
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Cereal made in the form of tiny wind instruments, so that kids can make their own tiger growls. Or purrs, quacks, squawks, etc.

Teaches kids to play their food. Fun for parents, too.

(Abridged from pluterday’s new book, “Case Studies in Marketing Disasters”. Note: the word kazzoodles rapidly entered the lexicon of corporate America in the phrase “we will sell kazzoodles”, which now means, to marketing types, “expect major recall, followed by de-listing of stock”. )

[with purrs to blissmiss, dalziel, and the late hawktriad]

pluterday, Jan 14 2003


       My kids would have a field day with that... “OK now you be the bird and I’ll be the tiger”.
Shz, Jan 14 2003

       Ah ha... another sound to add to the cacophony of those kids emit during meals.
dalziel, Jan 14 2003

       Um, HOW do you make cereal generate tones? Metal, ok...plastic, sure... but *cereal*?
lumpy, Jan 15 2003

       "tiger growls. Or purrs, quacks, squawks, etc."   

       I can hear a pig squeeling now...
Tiger Lily, Jan 15 2003

       Toot Sweets.
DrBob, Jan 15 2003


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