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Portable DVD MP3 Player

Portable DVD-R/RW player that supports burned MP3's
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How about a portable DVD/CD player that can play MP3's or AAC files, burned onto either a DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/+RW, or CD-R/RW. It would have to be slim, like the iRiver SlimX series of portable CD players. This device would be strictly digital audio.
ata, Jul 25 2003

Sharper image has one. http://www.sharperi...0&_requestid=115779
[ocredbrd, Oct 04 2004]

Here's another one, even smaller! http://www.mp3playe...t_now__/mp-2003.htm
[ocredbrd, Oct 04 2004]

Baked. http://reviews-zdne...07_16-20576752.html
A portable DVD MP3 player, no screen. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004]

Just what you wanted http://www.sonystyl...%2eyUIL5in&Dept=hav
minus MP3 for some reason [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004]

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       I do have a DVD player that plays MP3 burned CDs. It's not portable, but the technology exists, so why not?
ocredbrd, Jul 25 2003

       It'll happen. Just as soon as the price/attractiveness ratio...
st3f, Jul 25 2003

       Rods, ya beat me to it. My laptop plays DVDs and MP3s perfectly well, and it's quite portable.
Freefall, Jul 25 2003

       [ocre]'s second link doesn't do DVD, and the first one is too large. Target stores were selling a device almost matching what [ata] wants for $79 (differences: you plug it in, isn't as slim as you wanted, has A/V outputs). Turns out they suffered from overheating and after buying and returning 3 I gave up.   

       Only issues I can think of to keep this product off market:   

       1. DVDs spin at 3x the speed of CDs, consuming more battery power.
2. Results from Target's DVD player show that the electronics involved put out too much heat - either lower powered components are needed or some kind of radiator.
3. If the electronics are putting out a lot of heat, they are also consuming a lot of power which will lead to short battery life - only solution would be lower powered components.
Worldgineer, Jul 25 2003

       //DVDs spin at 3x the speed of CDs//
It doesn't need to spin continuously – I have an MP3 player that stops the disc after each song loads.

       MP3/DVD audio players as described are just now becoming available. The Sony MPD-AP20U [link] plays MP3 collections on DVD, and it's also a CD-RW/DVD-ROM Drive. [Worldgineer], that other thing you posted looks pretty sweet, as well!
Amos Kito, Jul 25 2003

       I have a portable device that plays DVD's audio and video, plays MP3's and plays all types of video files. It's a laptop.....   

       I've never understood why people buy those mini dvd players with the flip up screen , are they afraid of computers ??.
SystemAdmin, Jul 25 2003

       //why people buy those mini dvd players//
They're smaller, lighter, easier to use -- no boot-up or drivers to mess with. What would you rather give the kids to watch a movie, your laptop, or a DVD player?
Amos Kito, Jul 25 2003

       Anyone know of a car dvd/cd player that can actually play MP3s encoded onto DVD like the portable Sony MPD-AP20U mentioned above? Most will only play MP3s if they're on CD, but not DVD-R.. Think having 1000 tracks on one disc would be useful, and could also avoid losing/damaging the original CDs.
BurningMidnight, Feb 21 2004

       I have my iPod, far smaller than a DVD player could ever be. Latest ones up to 40GB - 10x a DVD carrying MP3s. 10,000 songs.   

       As you can manage playlists and create your own, programmable lists via iTunes, you are not bound to what is burnt on any particular CD/DVD. You will always wantt o bring them all along in case the track you want is on the disk you leave at home.
timbeau, Feb 21 2004

       See something like this is definitely what the Dr. ordered. 4.5 GB of MP3s on a media that costs $0.25 is ideal. I can put 1/4 of my collection on one DVD+-R/RW and really never get bored for days.   

       I agree there are probably technological issues surrounding these sorts of things like heat and battery usage, but time will prevail. Components will get smaller and people will get smarter!   

       My half-baked idea would be to have one of these portable CD/DVD/MP3 players that would let you listen to custom audio compilations out of the box. The device would be "flashable" to allow for firmware updates. It would also have a number of "breakout box" options. One would be to allow you to buy a DVD video kit so you can watch video on the kit's 16:9 LCD screen using with a headphone jack (this would include a rechargable battery). Another to allow you to use the player as a DVD player for a larger TV, where it would have stereo out, composite out, and svideo out. A third type of breakout box would high-fidelity connectors, including VGA/DVI or component video, along with stereo and optical audio connectors.   

       This design would allow the manufacturer can offload some of the requirements for the device to the breakout box, yet keeping it versatile. It keep the main player cheap, and it would avoid shorter battery life for multiple applications. The player would be cheaper, and people could upgrade to their individual tastes by buying the breakout box they want.
CokoBWare, Jul 20 2004

       I think some of you are missing the point. Perhaps I was overindulged, but as a kid I went through at least 5 portable tape players.   

       Laptops and iPods are fine for adults. If you buy your 12-year old an iPod Nano, you have nobody but yourself to blame when they lose it.   

       An MP3 player that uses DVD+-Rs as storage media for playlists, songs, etc. should be available for less than an iPod Shuffle. Perhaps even sized for 3" Mini DVD-Rs, like the old Sony 3" CD player.
JaMo, Dec 18 2005


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