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Prius Soundwagon CD player

Play CDs with an appropriate vehicle
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Modeled after the VW Soundwagon LP player, [link] this Prius speeds around a static CD (from the inside out, of course!) playing the CD with modern fidelity.

Appropriate optics and digital storage could scan multiple data track widths and glue them back together to keep the Prius from flying off the disc.

csea, Feb 13 2013

VW Soundwagon LP player http://www.youtube....watch?v=aIwkhBiROQ4
Keep the disc motionless, spin the player... [csea, Feb 13 2013]


       The most ecologically irresponsible CD player in the world. It's even gasoline-powered, occasionally. Brilliant!
Alterother, Feb 13 2013


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