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Portable TV Tester

TV or not TV...
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On my walk around Bondi last night I, as is usually the case, passed a number of discarded television sets. I know from experience that many of these sets are in perfect functioning order (I have two such adopted sets at home). The only problem is... who wants to lug it all the way home just to find out that it in fact doesn't work and you've just inherited the burden of a source of semi-toxic waste? If only I had a portable TV tester comprising of a 12 volt DC handy vac battery and a 240/110v AC converter. Wouldn't last long I know but enough power to test say, 10 sets.
lukecleland, Feb 08 2006


       // I, as is usually the case, passed a number of discarded television sets//
that must have been incredibly painful.

You might want some sort of booster aerial too.
neilp, Feb 08 2006

       very very funny [neilp]. how I laughed... That booster aerial might just come in handy.
lukecleland, Feb 08 2006

       power converter boxes for a car cigarrette lighter socket are available at a number of electronics shops, though I don't think that they would power anything beyond, say, a 17-inch screen, and overloading the box may ruin it
Dickcheney6, Jun 16 2011


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