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Portable Transit Schedule

Local & Searchable
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someone recently got in trouble for posting ipod-compatible versions of a subway schedule, which brought this idea to mind: have a small java application that can download local transit schedules to your cellphone. pretty simple: eliminates carrying a paper copy or phoning the transit dept when you lose it. ideally your cellphone would know its location and provide you with intelligent information based on your whereabouts and the time, but for now i will settle for a simple version.
DrMann, Oct 01 2005

(??) Yahoo news http://news.yahoo.c...te/ipod_subway_maps
[DrMann, Oct 01 2005]


       Why on earth would this be treated as proprietary information?
LoriZ, Dec 31 2010

       Agreed; well baked since the advent of GPS in mobile phones; good idea 5 yrs ago, however
H K Boris, Jan 01 2011

       //my Galaxy Tab just today, in fact, to get directions to Wal Mart. //   

       I rest my case.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 01 2011


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